One Piece Episode 927


Wano Country, beach: Big Mom has lost her memory and doesn’t even know her name anymore. Tama is about to tell her, but Chopper stops her and tells Big Mom that her name is O-Lin.

Orochi’s Castle: Orochi tells all his men during the celebration to be careful, as this is the twentieth year since Oden’s death and his wife predicted that Oden’s samurai would return this year to take revenge on Orochi. However, the more Orochi tells about Kinemon and his men, the more fearful he becomes in doing so. Orochi’s men, however, see this as a ridiculous ghost story. Kyoshiro, on the other hand, thinks that he couldn’t wait for Kinemon and his men to show up so that he could take them on and defeat them with just one punch. Still, Orochi can’t stop warning his men about the ghosts of Kinemon & Co. The latter find this pathetic and ridiculous and have to stifle their laughter while Toko serves them sake.

Toko can’t help but laugh, however, at which point a geisha tries to get her outside quickly. Tempers plummet as everyone knows what happens to those who laugh at Orochi. Orochi has heard the laughter as well and rages. Toko knows she shouldn’t be laughing, yet she can’t stop. Orochi thus knows where she is and draws his sword. Komurasaki then stands up and tells Orochi to calm down, but he won’t hear of it. He won’t let anyone laugh at him and tracks Toko down. Though she has tears in her eyes, she can’t help but continue laughing, at which point Orochi grabs her and tries to silence her with his sword. Before it can happen, however, Komurasaki slaps Orochi so hard that he drops Toko, who is caught by Robin.

Komurasaki finds that she was in the right to do so, and also refuses to apologize for it. Orochi then shows the power of his Devil Fruit, the Snake Fruit model: Yamata no Orochi. Orochi explains that he might show mercy again if Komurasaki begs for her life. However, she doesn’t see this happening because she is the daughter of a samurai and thus has her pride. Orochi is thus forced to kill Komurasaki if he wants to save face, which is why in his rage he attacks everything and everyone in his vicinity with his seven other snake heads until he also goes after Komurasaki. Robin takes the opportunity to flee the room with Toko, but she is discovered by the ninja in the process.

Kyoshiro finds the chaos extremely amusing and has to start laughing out loud, whereupon he draws his sword.

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