One Piece Episode 926


Coast of Wano Country, Big Mom’s pirate ship: The crew has been separated from their captain, and Smoothie and Daifuku still can’t believe that this happened due to an attack by King. Daifuku asks Perospero what they should do now, but he too has some thinking to do.

Orochi’s Castle: Komurasaki has started playing music while putting on a fox mask. While Toko offers the others something to drink, some other geishas wonder why Komurasaki always puts on the mask while playing.

Robin, meanwhile, has been surrounded in another room by Orochi’s personal ninja squad. She does try to talk her way out of being the famous thief who has been stealing from the rich lately, but Fukurokuju quickly realizes the lie, whereupon all the ninjas attack Robin. Robin is able to dodge some attacks, but is still caught and attacked.

Kuri, Amigasa Village: Chopper plays ninja with Tama while Momonosuke trains. Kiku is watching/guarding the kids, who are worried about Luffy. However, Chopper thinks that they don’t have to worry about Luffy. Chopper climbs a tree when he notices something big washed up on the beach.

Orochi’s Castle: Robin is attacked by the ninjas with several throwing stars, and it turns out that this Robin was just a clone of her. The real one is in the corridors and explains the situation to Brook and Nami via Den-den Mushi. Brook wants to rush to her aid in his ghost form. Robin’s real body goes back to the banquet for now, before Orochi gets suspicious as well.

Amigasa, Coast: Chopper, the kids and Kiku have gone to the coast to see what Chopper has discovered. To Chopper’s horror, he realizes that it is Big Mom.

Orochi’s Castle: Orochi’s ninjas search the entire estate for Robin, who is back at the party and cozying up to Orochi. Orochi himself later overhears a conversation from Kyoshiro and his men, who thought it was a bit excessive for him to send the flying six out for a cook. However, Orochi thinks this is a good attitude to have and believes that anyone with overwhelming power should be struck down, even ghosts. Some henchmen know that Orochi is alluding to Oden’s samurai with this and find it ridiculous.

Amigasa, Coast: Chopper wants to kill Big Mom with his ninja sword before she wakes up, but she already comes to, causing Chopper and Momonosuke to run away. However, Chopper suddenly stops when he hears Big Mom ask him if he knows where they are and who she is. By all appearances, Big Mom has lost her memory due to the shock she suffered.

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