One Piece Episode 925


Flower Capital: Sanji wants to use his family’s Raid Suit as a way to hide his identity and, at best, get a little stronger to quickly defeat Page One. While he doesn’t like the idea of using something related to his family, he swallows his pride. After transforming, Law immediately recognizes Sanji as Germa #3 Stealth Black. Law, like many kids in the Northblue, had read the comic of Sora the Hero and his Germa Army counterparts, being more of a fan of Sora than the Germa. Sanji again explains that he hates the Germa 66 as well, which is why he doesn’t want to wear the name from the comic. He tells Page One, to the horror of Usopp and Franky, that his name would be Soba-Mask. Page One finds this ridiculous, whereupon the fight between the two now begins.

Sanji gradually shows off the abilities of his new suit: anti-gravity soles, accelerator in the hook, extremely durable cape, and his suit’s individual ability: invisibility. This combined with Sanji’s natural strength and speed gives Page One little chance to fight back, and he takes a heavy beating until he gets kicked into a building. Sanji, in turn, can’t grasp the irony that his biological family’s technology, which he loathes, has fulfilled one of his childhood dreams and allowed him to become invisible. Page One then shifts into his animal-human form, as it makes him more agile, and thinks he can now match Sanji’s speed. Sanji, in turn, shouts to his friends to leave without him, as his opponent is perfect to test the suit on.

Udon, prison/work camp: Luffy wakes up in the night and gets hungry. He finishes the last of his dumplings and asks Kid if he has any left, but he doesn’t answer in the next cell. Luffy only sees Kid’s bedspread.

Flower Capital, Orochi’s Estate: Robin has snuck away from the party and gone into another room to look for the poneglyph or clues to it. When she finds nothing and turns around, however, she is surprised to find that she has already been surrounded by ten ninjas, unnoticed. The leader of the ninja group, Fukurokuju, enters the room and declares that he will only give Robin one chance to explain herself.

Flower Capital, Streets: This time it’s Page One who throws Sanji into a building, but Sanji is unharmed by the suit. Sanji gives his opponent another huge kick, leaving him on the ground for a moment, which Sanji takes advantage of to now disappear himself.

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