One Piece Episode 924


Coast of Wano Country: The Beasts Pirates tries to sink Big Mom’s ship with cannons, but no matter what they do, the attacks are all repelled.

Udon: Luffy is still thinking about the devastating defeat to Kaidou in his cell. Raizo comes in to inform Luffy that Tama is fine by now, which immediately cheers him up.

Onigashima: Queen commanded the attack strategies so far to sink Big Mom’s ship, but since Big Mom’s last attack, the video link is broken. When it is restored, Queen is shocked to find that Big Mom’s ship is already sailing up the waterfall, making it past the last line of defense. The henchmen are at a loss as to what to do, as they have no men at the top of the waterfall and it would take too long to get weapons there. Further, Big Mom has brought some of her strongest offspring, against whom normal pirates would have no chance. Kaidou then shouts to his crew not to panic, but to keep it together since this is a war situation and they will win. Meanwhile, King sneaks off to take matters into his own hands. King ate from an ancient zoan fruit that allows him to transform into a pteranodon. He shifts into his pterosaur form and flies to Big Mom’s ship.

Coast, Waterfall: King has reached the coast and the Big Mom pirates are about to climb to the top of the waterfall. They therefore try to shoot at King, who apparently retreats. But the moment the ship reaches the top, King reappears and takes advantage of the moment when the ship is briefly in the air to push it back down the waterfall with a well-aimed attack. Big Mom loses her balance in the process and falls into the same whirlpool that Luffy fell into when he arrived in Wano Country. Due to the seawater, Big Mom is unable to move properly, losing her strength and eventually losing consciousness as she is caught in the whirlpool and disappears into it.

Flower Capital: Page One walks the streets in his Spinosaurus form looking for the noodle soup vendor, Sangoro or Sanji, who was causing trouble. In the process, he destroys some houses and asks people if they know where he is. Meanwhile, Usopp and Franky also try to escape the city before they are found, since Franky had also attacked one of the Yakuza. They run into Law and Sanji, who are also looking for a suitable hiding place until the situation has calmed down. Law explains that if even one of them is seen, the enemy might suspect that the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates is here as well, which could put the others who are still undercover, such as Robin, in danger. Law therefore gives orders that even if any of them are captured, they must not say anything about the Samurai or Minks under any circumstances, or the twenty-year plan will be ruined. Suddenly they hear a scream and a loud crash. They see a noodle store being thrown into the air and falling to the ground. Page One had attacked the store in a search for Sanji. The couple who ran the store swear nothing to do with Sangoro and explain that they can’t stay in town any longer without their store, so they ask him to stop. However, Page One eats some more supplies until he explains that they should blame Sangoro for this. Therefore, they should either tell Page One about other noodle stores nearby or call for Sangoro if they value their lives. Sanji hears the screams, but Law thinks they should focus on escaping. Sanji can’t though, blaming himself for the people’s misery, and rushes to their aid. Another store is attacked as Sanji joins in and attacks Page One. Over the radio, Page One briefly tells Basil Hawkins and X. Drake that he found the target and gives them the coordinates. Law calls Sanji back, as there is trouble when Hawkins and Drake also show up, knowing his face. Sanji explains that Page One doesn’t know him though and it’s also good if they have a few less enemies, which is why he would take care of him here and now. He pulls out the Raid Suit container and says that everything would be fine as long as his identity wasn’t revealed, so this could certainly help him.

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