One Piece Episode 923


Ebisu: Tonoyasu brings Zoro to his village, but it looks run down and destroyed. There are still people living there, and like Yasu, they all have big grins on their faces. Some do complain that they are hungry, but they laugh incessantly while doing so. Zoro finds the behavior odd, to which Yasu explains that humans are the only creatures that can laugh, so why not do it then. Crying doesn’t help you in poverty, so you might as well laugh about it.

Flower Capital, Orochi’s Castle: A feast is laid out for Orochi. Anything he doesn’t like is lavishly thrown away. Shortly after, the geishas are brought to him.

Ebisu: Yasu has introduced everyone to Zoro and learns that the thief Ushimitsu showed up in the night and left them money he stole from the rich. With the money, they were able to buy clean water. A girl immediately offers Zoro a cup, which he refuses, since the rest of the village probably needs it more. But the villagers insist, since Yasu only brings good people to the village.

Orochi’s Castle: Orochi examines the geishas and he also likes Robin, but Komurasaki is currently missing, who enters shortly afterwards. Other guests are Kyoshiro and his men. Orochi tells them to eat and drink as much as they want, since there’s plenty of it here in Wano Country. Meanwhile, outside the flower capital, the land is seen drying up.

Sanji’s Noodle Soup Stand: Law comes by to warn Sanji that he’d better hide, because some people are coming who know their faces. The strongest of the headliners are six people called the Flying Six. Two of them are Page One and X. Drake, both of whom have eaten from an ancient Zoan fruit. Page One is already in his full dinosaur form and is joined by X. Drake in the latter’s half-dinosaur form, during which they encounter Hawkins. The latter thinks they may find more than they expect.

Udon, Prison/Labour Camp: Caribou asks Luffy if he’s thought about his offer to take him on as a sidekick in exchange for letting him join the breakout. Luffy, however, is annoyed and thinks Caribou should bother Kid with it. However, Caribou thinks that Kid’s reputation hasn’t been as good as Luffy’s lately. He had heard a rumor that Kid had tried to overthrow Big Mom but only made it as far as one of her commanders, who cut off his arm, after which Kid ran away. Kid interferes in the conversation and throws his pickaxe at Caribou, who just manages to dodge it. Kid asks who spreads rumors like that and wants to clarify what really happened. For one thing, the Kid never intended to take down Big Mom. He fought a commander, injured him, and took something he needed and ran off with it. He had already lost his arm earlier in the fight against Shanks’ redshirt pirate gang. Further, the Kid wants to make it clear that he, not Luffy, will defeat Kaidou. This brings about a small argument between the two.

Orochi’s Castle: Nami and Shinobu land on the roof and use Shinobu’s devil powers to gain access to the attic. Meanwhile, Robin sneaks out of Orochi’s celebration. Brook, meanwhile, hides in a well and detaches his soul from his body. As a soul, he searches the entire castle. Behind a steel door, he finds some strange dolls as well as a Poneglyph.

Onigashima: Kaidou receives report that a large ship has been spotted in the southeast of the island with Big Mom on board. To make matters worse, they’ve caught some carp to make it over the waterfall. Kaidou gives orders to sink them at all costs, after all he had warned Linlin that he would kill her if she invaded his territory.

Waterfall: Several cannons fire at the Big Mom pirate ship, but the cannonballs are deflected by Perospero while his siblings destroy the cannons. Big Mom herself, meanwhile, laughs and shouts that Luffy can’t hide from her.

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