One Piece Episode 920


Flower Capital: Sanji is again entertaining several female guests at his stand. Franky, Usopp and Robin are also enjoying some noodles behind the stall. Robin asks if there is any news about Luffy yet, to which Franky replies in the negative. However, he believes that he will surely have broken out by the big day. Usopp, meanwhile, is just happy to be able to taste Sanji’s food again. Franky, meanwhile, thinks that Sanji should change up his menu and offer something hotter or spicier to drink alcohol with to attract more samurai. Sanji, however, is rather disinclined by this idea, even though this is his actual job. Three men then come to the booth and push their way in. The women are afraid, as the men are part of the Kyoshiro family. When Robin overhears this, she remembers that she has met Kyoshiro herself before and he is probably not only a samurai, but also a yakuza boss. The other three yakuza explain that Sanji set up his stall in their territory without paying a protection fee and now they are demanding it. However, Sanji replies that he can take good care of himself and gives a bowl of noodles to a little girl. The yakuza then get angry. One knocks over the pot of noodles and says that Sanji should defend his stand in that case. Another knocks the bowl of noodles out of the little girl’s hand. However, although it looks like the girl is crying, all that can be heard from her is laughter, which confuses Franky a bit. The yakuza chase the women away while Usopp tries to hold Sanji back, who sees red since the three yakuza wasted food. Sanji seeks revenge for this, whereupon a fight ensues, with Franky joining in. The two members of the Straw Hat Pirates have no trouble defeating the three Yakuza, whereupon one of them runs away while the rest are unconscious.

Usopp wonders if the situation could have turned out differently, since they’ve certainly caught the attention of some bigger boss now. He notices the little girl who lost her noodles at the hands of the Yakuza earlier. Usopp remembers that he sold her frog oil as a cure-all a few days ago. Sanji then makes her a new bowl. She enjoys it and thinks it was really worth waiting for, even if she is late for work for it. She introduces herself as Toko, or O-Toko, and the four Straw Hats are quickly taken with her and her humor. Unfortunately, they can’t talk any longer because Toko has to go to her work after she finishes eating. She explains that she works for the Oiran and that there is a parade coming soon where they can be seen and Toko will be there as well. Shortly after, she leaves the group.

Franky wonders what an Oiran is, to which Robin’s teacher comes over and explains that the Oiran is some sort of idol or superstar. She says that the number one Oiran in the country at the moment is Komurasaki, who is said to be of incredible beauty that is out of this world. Franky thinks she’s probably exaggerating a bit, but the old woman retorts that they should see for themselves and go to the parade. She continues that the Oiran was also invited to a banquet at Orochi’s castle today and was on her way there. Toko would have the profession of a kamuro on the side. These are children who are the companions of an Oiran. The old woman remembers shortly after what she actually came by for. She wanted to congratulate Robin and say that she is also invited to come to Orochi Castle tonight as a geisha. Robin says she’s happy and her friends congratulate her, bringing them all one step closer to their real goal.

Udon: Luffy hears more and more congratulations during work because of his victory against Dobon from fellow prisoners who want to know more about him, but Luffy gives them the cold shoulder. Old Man Hyo personally thanks Luffy for saving him, but it was nothing to Luffy. He also gives the old man some food stamps to give him strength to continue working. Hyo then thanks Luffy again and again and leaves. Shortly after, Raizo appears in front of Luffy. He explains that he found the keys to the sea stone handcuffs. However, it would take him a while to get them, as they are well guarded. Luffy thanks him for the information and Raizo disappears.

Flower capital: The Oiran parade has begun and a crowd cheers their idol.

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