One Piece Episode 919


Flower Capital: Nami and Shinobu narrowly escaped the mansion. This was not easy, as Shinobu kept screaming, giving away their position. On the roof of another house, Nami asks what was wrong with her, to which Shinobu confesses that she is deathly afraid of sharp objects. Because of this, when she saw the soldiers’ lances piercing the attic after them, she couldn’t control herself. Shinobu wants to make it up to her and brings out a kite for her and Nami to fly away with. Shinobu asks if Nami could see anything, to which Nami replies that she saw the name of the port where the arms deal is supposed to take place. Shinobu then explains that they are going to steal the weapons. As they fly, the two women can see a large crowd of women gathered around a stall. The stall belongs to Sanji, who is offering his special soba noodles. Meanwhile, Nami can’t believe he’s only attracting women with his food when he should be gathering samurais around his stall.

Sanji, meanwhile, doesn’t notice that his stall is being watched by three shady men. The three talk about how they’ve never seen Sanji before and he probably doesn’t know who owns this district, so they have to teach him a lesson.

Udon: A little old man, whom the guards only call Hyo, gets only one dumpling at the food counter. The guard explains that there is only one dumpling for five marble blocks, nothing more. If he wants more, he’ll have to work harder or finally die. When Hyo retorts that he works all day, he is beaten by the guard. However, the whole thing is interrupted by Luffy and Kid, who each carry a marble block by themselves again and race to see who can deliver his first. The ship carrying the blocks off is already overcrowded and the men think that would be enough for today, but Luffy and Kid demand that they just get a new ship then. One of the guards asks how many blocks the two have already delivered today, to which another replies that it’s 500. The guard is shocked and asks if the two are really still wearing their sea stone handcuffs, to which he is confirmed. The guards don’t even want to know how strong the two are if they weren’t wearing the handcuffs. Meanwhile, Luffy and Kid claim their food. A bit later, the two sit in their cell in front of a huge pile of dumplings each, arguing over who could have made more. The guards watching the whole thing are at a loss as to how to break the fighting spirit of the two.

Outside the cell, one of the vice leaders named Dobon, who ate of the hippo smile fruit, is raging about who ate all his dumplings so he didn’t get any himself. Hyo gets run over by Dobon in the process and thus ends up under one of his feet, asking for help. Meanwhile, the other guards explain to Dobon that those responsible are in their cells and have eaten all the dumplings. Dobon orders them to be brought to him. Kid and Luffy were just sleeping when they were woken up. The two are brought to Dobon, both having eaten so much that they are so round and fat and almost look like dumplings themselves. Dobon complains to the two that he now doesn’t have enough food for his massive hippo head. Luffy and Kid, however, ask him to be patient for a moment so they can digest. They take one deep breath and then exhale, returning to their normal body shape. Dobon now wants to punish them with his swords, and the other guards again clarify to Luffy and Kid that they are not allowed to fight back, as defiance of the guards will result in loss of limbs or the death penalty. Luffy then notices the old man Hyo under Dobon’s feet and becomes enraged. As Dobon moves to attack, Luffy and the Kid allow themselves to be engulfed by the hippo’s large head. A few screams come out of the hippo shortly after, until the hippo topples over. Luffy and Kid then get out of its head unharmed, while Dobon is seen unconscious. The guards want to punish Luffy and Kid for what they did, but Kid retorts if they had any proof or saw the two do anything at all. Luffy picks up the old man Hyo and walks away with him as he and Kid are hailed as heroes of the prison.

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