One Piece Episode 916


Luffy was knocked unconscious with just one blow. Kaidou orders Luffy locked up, hoping that they can break his will and make him a soldier for his gang. Further, he orders the word “pirate” to be deleted for the press so that the outside world cannot influence. Kaidou removes himself from the action, saying that the “Worst Generation” is really far too weak. When Kaidou’s men try to touch Luffy, he unknowingly activates his King Shaki, knocking them out. Shutenmaru notices this and can’t believe someone has the same ability as Oden. Gritting his teeth, Kaidou explains that Kid also has the King Shaki, but not as many “kings” are needed. He then goes back to his Dragon form and wants to fly back to Onigashima to continue drinking, since he’s already sobered up by now. Trafalgar Law is something he wants to look for another time. Hawkins has Luffy put on sea stone handcuffs, but also vows to get Law.

Law was able to escape back into the woods, but is in a lot of pain from the sea stone nail that was stuck in his shoulder. He continues to worry about his crew.

Okobore: Kinemon sees his wife tending to the people who were injured in the chaos when he notices Shutenmaru.

Kiku, meanwhile, has made it to the giant crater where Oden Castle stood just moments before. In it, she actually discovers Chopper in his plush form, with the rest of her friends standing on top of him. Sanji takes the women out of the hole and later helps the men as well. Shinobu explains that she used her devil powers to rot the earth beneath them. Shinobu ate of the Ripen Fruit and therefore can ripen anything she touches until it rots. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats ask what happened to Luffy.

Bamboo Forest: Inuarashi and his companions find Tama and want to have her treated immediately.

Luffy, meanwhile, is dragged behind horses and taken to the prison.

Flower Capital: In various places, Franky, Robin, and Usopp learn of Luffy’s fight as well as his defeat through the newspaper, which visibly shocks them.

Zoro also finds out about it while enjoying some wasabi on a boat ride.

Udon, prison mine: Two guards are about to throw a poisonous fish into a cell, one asking who is actually in the cell. The first guard, however, replies that he doesn’t know. There are only two rules for this cell: throw in a poisonous fish every day, but remove the bones beforehand. Suddenly, the gates open, causing the poisonous fish and bones to fall into the cell. Luffy, whose face is bandaged, is taken to the prison. Some guards immediately have fun tripping him up and laughing at him. When one of them also gives Luffy a punch to show who’s boss, the poisonous fish’s bones suddenly shoot out of the cell and hit the guard in the neck. Luffy is taken to his cell, where he meets his new roommate, who vows to get revenge on Kaidou just as Luffy did: It’s Eustass Kid.

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