One Piece Episode 915


Kaidou gets Luffy’s Elephant Gatling off, but pockets it like it was nothing and attacks with his tail. Luffy dodges this and counters with more hook-enhanced Gear 3 attacks like Elephant Gun, Elephant Stamp, and Grizzly Magnum. The final attack finally brings Kaidou to the ground, where he resumes his human form.

Law calls out to Luffy that this would be enough and they’d better back off, but Luffy is still full of rage and wants to end it, so he walks up to Kaidou. The latter just regains consciousness, picks up his club and gets back up. Kaidou is still drunk, so he staggers a bit, but there is no sign of injury or exhaustion. Luffy then goes into Gear 4: Boundman. With a running start, Luffy gives him a Kong Gun, and though the shockwave from the attack damages the buildings behind Kaidou, Kaidou is unfazed and attempts a counterattack. Luffy dodges and attacks with his Kong Gun, thus giving Kaidou countless blows, which subsequently hurl him several feet away. Hawkins is stunned and Shutenmaru wonders just who Luffy is.

But despite all these attacks Kaidou is able to get up again and prepares his counterattack. Luffy doesn’t want to let it come to that and charges at him, intending to attack him with a King Kong Gun. However, a clubbing blow from Kaidou is enough to deflect Luffy’s attack and knock Luffy away. Luffy loses his Gear 4 form and goes down unconscious and bleeding. Law quickly uses Room and Shambles to get Luffy to safety and escape, but he is suddenly hit by a nail and feels far too weak as a result. The nail came from Hawkins, who explains that it was made of sea stone. Hawkins explains that the crafting of sea stone originated in Wano Country, and only craftsmen from that land can craft such a small object from sea stone. Hawkins draws his sword and tries to finish Law off. The latter dodges the attacks and removes the nail in his shoulder with his sword. Law then uses his devil powers to get himself to safety and disappears.

Kaidou’s henchmen, meanwhile, have run to their captain to check on his defeated opponent. They are amazed that Luffy survived the attack, while this does not surprise Kaidou. Though Luffy is unconscious, Kaidou can feel the latter still glaring at him angrily. As Luffy lies unconscious at his feet, Kaidou sneeringly asks him what kind of king he wanted to be again.

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