One Piece Episode 914


Kaidou used his fire breath to destroy half the mountain where Castle Oden and Luffy and Law’s crew were. Luffy is seething with rage, goes into Gear 2 and runs towards Bakura, where Kaidou is right now.

Bakura: Still drunk, Kaidou flies around and rams into the buildings. Luffy, meanwhile, has also reached the city and jumps from building to building until he finds a suitable jumping point to reach Kaidou. With a haki-enhanced fist in Gear 3, he leaps into the air and attacks the dragon’s head with a gum-gum elephant gun. Kaidou falls to the ground, dropping someone from his claw: It’s Speed.

Mountain: Kinemon and Kiku regain consciousness as they are hit by some debris after the attack. Kinemon, however, falls to his knees and bursts into tears of despair when he sees that the last remnants of Oden Castle have now been destroyed and that Momonosuke is probably gone as well. However, Kiku explains that Kinemon had better think of someone else who needs his help right now. Kinemon then remembers his wife Tsuru. Kiku explains that Kaidou could wake up at any moment and then Okobore will also be in danger. The two samurai then split up. Kinemon wants to check on his wife, while Kiku wants to see if their friends survived the attack somehow.

Bakura: Luffy also wants to go back to the mountain to check on his friends when he hears some henchmen calling for Speed. Speed has several wounds on her body and appears to be unconscious. Luffy goes to check on her and uses his king shaki to knock the henchmen unconscious. Speed slowly comes to and Luffy asks her what happened and if Tama is okay. Speed then explains that they were spotted by Kaidou on their way to Tama’s home.

Review: Speed and Tama have almost reached the bamboo forest when the weather changes. Kaidou appears above them and asks Speed where she is going. He explains that he received a strange report about her behavior. Speed gets ready to fight, but the next moment all that can be seen is Tama’s apple lying on the ground as well as an unconscious Tama bleeding.

Present: Luffy blames himself for not going along. Law comes along and says they should get out of here now, since Kaidou may not have realized it was Luffy who hit him. But Luffy is too angry because of Tama, his friends, Kinemon, and Law’s crew, so he declares to defeat Kaidou here and now, which will end it all. Luffy runs over to Kaidou and yells that he is here. Kaidou awakens and when he realizes who Luffy is, a fight ensues between the two. However, each heavy blow is blocked by the other and mostly only the buildings nearby take any real damage. Luffy then leaps into the air once more and goes for a Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gatling, which he actually hits Kaidou with several times.

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