One Piece Episode 913


Okobore: Kaidou flies over the small village in search of Luffy and Law. Tsuru is asked by the villagers to get to safety.

Ruins of Oden Castle: Kinemon wonders why Kaidou has come to Kuri. Law then explains that Zoro, Luffy, and himself have been identified by the enemy, but the plan remains secret. Sanji gets angry that such a thing could happen, to which Law says that none of the Straw Hats have the right to blame him for this. At this, the rest of the Straw Hats realize that it must have been Luffy’s fault. Law explains that Kaidou needs two things to solidify the strength of his gang. The first is the weapons that are made in Wano Country. The second is, or was, the Smile fruits that Caesar and Doflamingo made. The Smiles were taken care of by Law and Luffy, which is why Kaidou will only target them. Luffy then runs off to Okobore. Kinemon & Co. want to go after them, but Law explains that he will run after Luffy alone, since more of them shouldn’t get busted and thus a hunt for the rest of the Straw Hat and Heart pirates could start. Law then sets off to stop Luffy.

Okobore: Shutenmaru orders his men to retreat before they get dragged into this. Kaidou notices Shutenmaru’s voice and flies towards him. He explains that he has heard of a very strong thief staying here. Further, Kaidou explains that he remembers Shutenmaru’s true identity and how he once attacked him with his comrades. However, he would let bygones be bygones if Shutenmaru would side with him. While saying this, it turns out that Kaidou is still drunk and unable to even fly straight properly without colliding with buildings. When Kaidou sees Jack, he briefly gets angry and opens his mouth like he’s going to breathe fire, but only lets out a huge belch. Jack is stunned to see Kaidou flying around so drunk in his dragon form. Jack is worried about the safety of Kuri, as the people here are valuable workers for the factories, and Kaidou is on the verge of a rampage in this state, which could destroy all of Kuri.

Ruins of Oden Castle: Kiku also wants to go back to Okobore to help the people, but Kinemon forbids it. However, when Kiku explains that this is the town where Tsuru lives, Kinemon comes along. He can’t believe she hasn’t married someone else within the past 20 years to protect her in his place. Meanwhile, Law has caught up with Luffy and explains that this is the result of Luffy’s good deed. After Law then confirms to Luffy that Kaidou is just looking for them, Luffy declares that he will fight Kaidou here and now.

Okobore: Hawkins, meanwhile, has made it to the village and calls out to Kaidou that he’s found out that Luffy, Law, and their allies are hiding in the ruins of Castle Oden. Kaidou then goes on his way. Jack asks Hawkins if this is true, to which Hawkins denies it. He explains that he was just trying to stop Kaidou’s rampage. Further, this could be beneficial in putting an end to the legend of the return of Oden’s nine samurai.

Ruins of Oden Castle: Bepo and the others slowly realize that Kaidou is flying right at them and want to run away, but it already seems too late. Kaidou prepares to attack and sprays a massive jet of fire at Castle Oden. Luffy is horrified to see the castle on the mountain where his friends were disappeared, leaving only a huge crater.

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