One Piece Episode 912


Flower Capital: As Usopp walks the streets, he secretly looks at people’s ankles to find the secret rebel symbol and locate allies. When he finds one, Usopp greets him kindly and pretends to be an old childhood friend. He says they really need to meet up again for a drink, and sneakily presses Kinemon’s coded message into his hand.

House by a River: Robin, Franky, and Usopp meet and ask what their current situation is. Robin explains that things are going well for her and she will be invited to Orochi’s castle soon. Franky has had no luck getting the blueprints of Kaidou’s estate. Usopp in turn explains that he was able to redistribute a flyer and heard about a strong possible ally, the bandit leader Shutenmaru.

Ruins of Oden Castle: Sanji has a question for Kinemon regarding Ashura Doji. In the story of Oden earlier, Kinemon told that Oden defeated Ashura to take over Kuri, yet Kinemon asked to keep an eye out for this one as he would help them. Kinemon explains that Ashura joined Oden after his defeat and became one of his loyal samurai. Kiku then adds that Ashura returned to his bandit life after Oden’s demise and now lives under the identity Shutenmaru, causing trouble with his gang. Luffy asks if he is strong, to which Kiku says that Shutenmaru is one of the strongest samurai, if not the strongest among them.

Okobore: The people in the village are still enjoying the food Luffy brought them when suddenly bandits, led by Shutenmaru, appear and claim everything for themselves. Shutenmaru says that this was just a short dream for the villagers and they need to realize this. No samurai will protect them and no hero will appear as there would be no real men in this land to lead samurai. An old lady gets in Shutenmaru’s way and he draws his sword, to which the lady says that she believes in Toki’s words that the nine samurai will return to save the land. However, Shutenmaru angrily retorts that there is no one to lead them and without a leader, one could not go to war. Suddenly, a loud noise is heard and some of Shutenmaru’s men are attacked by a crocodile shark, which is ridden by Jack. The latter is delighted to finally meet Shutenmaru. He asks him if he knows where the straw hat is. Shutenmaru gruffly explains that he doesn’t know, to which Jack explains that he should be careful who he talks to, since Kaidou only let Shutenmaru live so that he would join them. Jack himself sees no reason to be respectful to Shutenmaru. Shutenmaru then wants to give him an answer about joining them and attacks Jack.

Onigashima: Kaidou gets drunk again, which scares his henchmen, as they never know what he’ll do next. Kaidou wants people brought to him, but when his men don’t know who he’s talking about, Kaidou attacks them for it.

Okobore: A sword fight ensues between Jack and Shutenmaru, with the bandit leader managing to cut one of Jack’s swords and give Jack a large wound to the torso. Jack cannot and will not put up with such a thing, whereupon the two exchange blows once again. A fierce fight breaks out and Shutenmaru has to take a lot of punishment. He explains that he has suffered much since Oden’s death and was even looking for a way to die, however he would not die at the hands of one of Kaidou’s henchmen. Shutenmaru then goes on the counterattack and gives Jack another wound.

Onigashima: Kaidou is extremely angry and thinks that he would go himself in this case. His devil powers activate and he transforms into a massive blue serpent dragon that flies into the sky.

Several locations in Kuri: The sky darkens and lightning begins to flash. Jack notices that the sky has darkened and wonders why this has to happen now. Back in town, Hawkins in turn wonders what Kaidou himself is trying to do here. Holdem, meanwhile, is afraid that Kaidou might want to execute him for his weakness. Meanwhile, Law also notices the sky darkening and calls Luffy & Co. over. They all then see Kaidou descend from the sky in his dragon form, demanding that Jack finally bring him the brats that have been bothering them for some time, by which he means Luffy and Law. Momonosuke turns into his dragon form in shock, which astonishes Kiku, to which Kinemon explains that Momonosuke also has devil powers by now, but turns into the same form as the hated Kaidou, of all things.

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