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Ruins of Oden Castle: Kinemon says that after their time travel, they encountered several people in Wano Country who were still loyal to Oden and want to get rid of Orochi and Kaidou.

Flashback, a few months earlier: one of the men who discovered Kinemon & Co. is in tears when he sees Momonosuke. He introduces himself as Jibuemon, a former vassal from Kibi. He explains that they have all been waiting for this day for 20 years, just as the late Toki had predicted. Momonosuke would like to hear his mother’s last words, to which Jibuemon tells him her prophecy, which suggested that in 20 years, the Kozuki clan’s revenge had come. Supporting this was the fact that they haven’t found Kinemon & Co’s bodies. As a result, anyone willing to fight Orochi and Kaidou’s men has also had a secret mark in the form of a Mikazuki tattooed on their ankle. Kinemon finds it hard to believe that they still have allies, and Momonosuke asks how many they have. Jibuemon explains that he doesn’t currently know them for sure, as more are being added all the time. Kinemon explains that they need as many allies as possible if they want to take on Kaidou, which is why Jibuemon should keep recruiting people in secret.

Present: Kinemon explains that this was how they began preparations for the fall of Kaidou and Orochi. Kiku was assigned to spy on the enemy in Wano Country and find out everything possible. Kinemon, Momonosuke, Kanjuro, and Raizo, in turn, set out to leave the country to gather allies. However, it is a crime to leave the country and their ship was quickly spotted. Furthermore, none of them had any experience in sailing, so they quickly became shipwrecked. However, they were able to make their way to safety in two rowboats. Raizo called out to them that he would make it to Zou and that they should meet him there. Kinemon, Momonosuke, and Kanjuro washed up on the beach at Dress Rosa. However, there Doflamingo, who was an ally of Kaidou, hunted them down. Momonosuke was separated from his protectors and taken to a ship bound for Punk Hazard. When Kinemon and Kanjuro tried to pursue it, Kanjuro was captured. Kinemon thus set out alone to rescue Momonosuke. On Punk Hazard, Kinemon fought his way through Caesar’s men until Law then literally dismembered him. The situation seemed hopeless at that moment, but then Kinemon ran into the Straw Hat Pirates. From then on, everything seemed to take a positive turn again and Kinemon found strong allies. He reiterates at the end that he and the other protectors of Momonosuke, as well as Momonosuke himself, are considered dead here in Wano Country. This is to continue to be the case for now, so they can surprise Orochi.

Kinemon now begins to describe the current situation. With the Straw Hat Pirates, the Heart Pirates, the Minks and the Samurai Rebels, they now have about 5,000 men. Currently, they continue to recruit members in the country and gather information so that they can find the best opportunity to take down the leaders of the opponents. The day itself has already been set, and it’s on the day of the Fire Festival, because that’s when the 20 years are complete. The battle against Kaidou is to take place on Onigashima, a small island off Wano Country where the Beasts Pirates has its base. On the day of the Fire Festival, Orochi will join Kaidou on Onigashima to toast their partnership, bringing all the senior officers together in one place. Sanji hopes to score some points with Kiku at the fight and is jealous of her relationship with Kinemon, to which he explains that Sanji is getting things wrong here. Kinemon explains that he is already married, but currently cannot see his wife to continue being considered deceased. Kiku then explains that Tsuru, the woman from the tea house, is fine, which turns out to be Kinemon’s wife. Kinemon goes on to explain that he created a symbol for their allies, which shows two burning birds, a Mikazuki, and a snake. The symbols explain when and where the attack is to take place, however only people from Wano Country can understand this, which is why Kaidou’s people can’t decipher the message. They need to spread the flyers showing the symbol among their allies who wear the Mikazuki on their ankles so they know. Kinemon explains that Usopp and Zoro are responsible for spreading news in the Flower Capital, with Luffy noting that Zoro is no longer present. Franky, meanwhile, is trying to get the blueprints for Kaidou’s mansion by becoming an apprentice to the master builder who created it. Robin has taken on work as a geisha as a way to get information on Orochi’s forces. Kinemon now gives other straw hats their jobs. Brook is to use his skills to try and get food for the troops. Nami is to act as a female ninja, a kunoichi, with her weather control. Sanji is to act as a street cook to gather people around him. Carrot and Chopper will go to Inuarashi along with Kiku. Using his devil powers, Kinemon then creates clothes for Nami & co, though Nami isn’t too pleased with their outfit as it shows quite a bit of skin. Kinemon then introduces them to someone who will serve as their guide – the kunoichi Shinobu. Kinemon explains that they will split up now, but he asks them to keep their eyes open for three samurai who are still missing and would be a crucial help: Kawamatsu, Ashura, and Denjiro. Like Kinemon & Co, the three have been working for Oden, but have so far been unable to be located. After everything is explained, Kinemon wants them to split up and reunite in two weeks to launch the attack.

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