One Piece Episode 905


Bakura, Sumo Ring: Luffy and his group have found Holdem, who continues to hold Tama captive. He advises Luffy not to come any closer, as the lion growing from Holdem’s belly will bite Tama if he does. Holdem believes that Luffy & Co. belong to Shutenmaru, the leader of a gang of thieves who keep stealing supplies from the Paradise Plantation. Kiku asks Luffy not to anger Holdem any further. While Holdem is strong, he says that it is not him that people are afraid of, but the one Holdem is under who has true control of the city: Jack the Drought. Zoro and Luffy recall that Jack was the one who attacked Zou, however, he died the second time Zou was attacked by the elephant. Kiku doesn’t know what exactly Luffy and Zoro are talking about, but explains that Jack is alive and was spotted in town just a few days ago. If Luffy provokes a fight with Jack, Kiku fears that the entire city could be destroyed. Luffy now realizes that not only Tama, but the entire city has been taken hostage. Speed joins them with her men and the wagon of food and asks Holdem what’s going on. When Luffy sees the Beasts Pirates keeping all the good food for themselves, he gets angry. He tells Zoro to take care of it, he himself would take care of Holdem.

Town Entrance: Hawkins comes riding into town with his men and finds out where Holdem is right now, since he can’t make contact by phone. However, someone suddenly stands in his way. It is Law, who has masked himself with a bamboo helmet. Since Wano Country is cut off from the outside world, no one knows Law’s, Luffy’s, or Zoro’s face. But Hawkins knows them, which is why Law plans to take Hawkins down here and now instead.

Sumo Ring: Holdem once again declares that he will leave Tama to the teeth of his lion in any kind of resistance. Shortly after, he sends his men to attack Luffy, Zoro, and Kiku. However, Zoro finishes them off without further ado, whereupon Holdem intends to make good on his warning. But before his lion can bite, Luffy appears in front of him in a flash and punches the lion right in the face, thus hitting Holdem right in the stomach. Luffy grabs Tama and carries her to safety. Zoro takes care of the henchmen by the food cart. Kiku is briefly taken hostage, but is able to free herself. She then joins Zoro in defeating all of Holdem and Speed’s other henchmen while fending off Speed’s attacks. Zoro has thus managed to hijack the car and has Komachiyo pull it away while he and Kiku disappear on it.

Holdem, meanwhile, has drawn his sword, which sets fire to his lion, which can breathe fire. As it turns out, Holdem’s sword is also a sword whose blade works like a whip. However, Luffy is able to dodge all attacks effortlessly. Luffy even notices that Tama’s face has minor injuries, whereupon she explains that Holdem tried to pull Dangos out of her face with pliers. Enraged, Luffy lets go of Tama and goes to attack Holdem. He uses a Red Hawk attack and thus defeats Holdem with just one punch. The attack itself again reminded Tama of Ace.

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