One Piece Episode 904


Kaidou’s men immediately report the incident with Urashima and that the wanted assassin Zoro has appeared to Hawkins. The latter explains that they should not attack the two, as they would have no chance against them. However, he would already be on his way, which is why they should wait.

Bakura, at the Sumo Ring: Some of Kaidou’s men attack Zoro, Luffy, and Kiku despite Hawkins’ warning, but as predicted, they have no chance.

Okobore: Tsuru hears rioting going on in the neighboring town. However, before she can wonder what is going on, a man comes to her in need of help as his child has been drinking from the polluted river water.

Paradise Plantation: The Paradise Plantation grows the food that was originally meant to be for everyone. However, since Orochi’s takeover, it only goes to him and Kaidou and their henchmen and supporters. Some poor men work in the hope of earning money to buy some food, but they get just five silver pieces, which are not enough for a week.

Bakura, Holdem’s house: Tama wants to take advantage and leave, but is held down by Kamijiro as Holdem regains consciousness under Urashima. With his body, Holdem braces the giant sumo wrestler as Kamijiro continues to hold Tama. Holdem then tosses Urashima aside, allowing him to get free. Holdem angrily asks who is responsible, while one of his men explains that this was an ally of wanted assassin Zorojuro. Holdem hears Luffy’s roar shortly after, as he demands that Holdem show himself and release Tama.

Across town: The food delivery from Paradise Plantation is just arriving and is met by the headliner, Speed. This is a woman who has eaten of a horse smile fruit and therefore looks like a Centaur. She hears the fire alarm bell and goes to check on things, noticing that Holdem’s house has been completely destroyed. She wonders what is going on.

Sumo Ring: Holdem has now come to the sumo ring via rooftops and angrily asks what Luffy thinks of destroying his house with a sumo wrestler. Holdem, meanwhile, continues to hold Tama captive, in Kamijiro’s mouth. Holdem shortly asks if Luffy & Co. are working for Shutenmaru, who has repeatedly stolen their supplies.

City Gate: Hawkins is approaching the city while being kept informed by radio. Law’s men see this and tell their captain, who continues to look after Bepo. They also tell him that the Straw Hat destroyed a Headliner’s house, thus causing a fire, and is currently in a fight with Holdem, which shocks Law.

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