One Piece Episode 900


Tsuru’s Tea House: The medicine is prepared and then given to Tama. Kiku, meanwhile, tends to a minor injury Zoro sustained in the fight with Hawkins. Tama wakes up shortly after and seems to feel much better right away. Tsuru explains that the medicine has mostly fought off the poisoning, but Tama shouldn’t drink from the contaminated water again. Tama promises her she won’t, when suddenly her stomach growls. Since samurais and ninjas aren’t allowed to show hunger, Tama wants to run right back to the river and drink the water to satisfy her hunger. However, Tsuru is able to stop her and angrily tells her once again that she must never drink of that river water again. Tsuru makes a small red bean soup with dumplings for Tama shortly after. While Tama would love to eat this, she refuses since she already has no money for medicine, let alone food. But the more she refuses, the angrier this makes Tsuru, who threatens to throw it out on the street otherwise, so Kiku asks Tama to accept the food.

A little later, Tama is sitting outside with Luffy and Zoro, holding the bean soup in her hands. Luffy says she shouldn’t scowl, since it is her birthday after all. Tsuru then says that Tama should consider the soup a birthday present. Tama finally starts eating, whereupon tears of joy come to her as she finally gets to eat something delicious after a long time. Luffy then remembers Hitetsu explaining to him that Tama had barely eaten in days, as their supplies are barely enough for one person. Meanwhile, Tsuru’s tears also come as she sees how happy Tama has become from a little soup. Tama later gets some more sleep while Luffy talks to Zoro about how he can’t forgive Kaidou for what he did to this country, making even a little kid like Tama go hungry. Tsuru asks what their names actually are, since they never introduced themselves. Zoro explains he’s Zorojuro and Luffy’s name is Luffytaro, but from the way they speak and act, Tsuru can guess they’re both from another island, however she promises not to tell. Zoro asks what kind of village this is anyway, to which Tsuru explains that this village was built around the city of Orochi’s supporters, whose remains and trash the villagers live off of. The former ruler of the land, Oden, had built a massive farm by the mountain to feed the entire land. Today, however, the food from there is only delivered to Orochi and his henchmen.

One of Kaidou’s men, the flying Smile user Batman, overheard the conversation. He ate from a Smile fruit, model: bat, and since then has bat wings as well as bat ears that allow him to hear very well. He thinks Tsuru’s evil talk about Orochi borders on rebellion, so he fires arrows at them from the air. However, Zoro is able to deflect the attack. Batman initially believes that Zoro and Luffy may be part of the robbers who steal from the farm every now and then, and fires dozens of arrows at them. However, the two easily deflect all the arrows. Afterwards, however, a second Smile user appears who has eaten a fruit from the model: gazelle, Gazelleman. This one runs to Tama, grabs her and runs away before Luffy and Zoro can react.

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