One Piece Episode 899


Zoro and Luffy try to take Tama to the next town on Komachiyo’s back, but they are stopped by Hawkins. The latter sent a straw demon after them, which is now chasing and attacking them. Zoro wants to take care of this one and deflects its attacks. The force of the attacks, however, is so hard on Komachiyo that he collapses. Hawkins is able to control his straw demon remotely and continues to attack Zoro. But Zoro knows how to defend himself and counterattacks. All wounds are transferred to Hawkins’ henchmen, however, until only a handful remain. Hawkins then tries a surprise attack and has his straw demon spit several needles. Some hit Zoro, whereupon he counters with a two sword style attack and slices the demon, allowing Komachiyo to run on again. Another of Hawkins’ men goes down, whereupon the mage lays his cards once more and sees that further pursuit is unnecessary, as the two escape and meet someone to show them the way.

Komachiyo, meanwhile, has stopped again, having come to a fork in the road and not knowing which way to run. The encounter with Hawkins has seemingly caused the friends to lose their way. At that moment, a woman tells them to go left. The woman’s name is Tsuru and she was the one who had saved Zoro from Kaidou’s men earlier. She has been hiding in Komachiyo’s tail ever since. She continues to ask Luffy to take care of Tama, to which Luffy explains what exactly she has. Tsuru then explains that they should ride to her teahouse instead of a doctor, as she has herbs in her teahouse for the poisoned river water that will help her. Luffy agrees, whereupon they ride there.

Kuri, Okobore Town: At Tsuru’s teahouse, the waitress Kiku is serving a man some dangos. The man is happy about it, since dangos have become very rare, but Kiku says that he won’t have to wait much longer for everything to go back to the way it used to be. Suddenly, a big man comes along and shoos the old man away. The big man’s name is Urashima and he wants Kiku to marry him, but she refuses and tells him to leave if he doesn’t want to eat here. Urashima explains that he would never eat anything here, as all food is leftovers. He brags about himself that he has the title of Yokozuna and is Wano Country’s best sumo wrestler, which is why she wouldn’t find a better match than him. Tsuru and Luffy’s group join them and ask Kiku to prepare the herbs. Urashima wants them to leave as he is talking to Kiku, but Zoro is able to drive him away with a scowl. He calls out to Kiku that he has a sumo match in town right now and she should come over to marvel at his power.

Further away, Luffy and Zoro can be seen being watched by Shachi, Bepo, and Penguin. Bepo hopes that the two won’t ruin their plan and wonders if maybe he should go down to tell them. However, Shachi and Penguin are against it, as Bepo would draw too much attention to himself, so they are in favor of rather reporting to their captain.

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