One Piece Episode 898


Hawkins lays down his cards and figures that there would be a 19 percent chance of Zoro and Luffy surviving the next month. The two then get ready to fight him and his men. Zoro notices the kitetsu that Luffy has taken from Hitetsu. Zoro would like to take a closer look at it, but Luffy refuses to let him, stating that he would fight like a samurai today. Hawkins orders his men to attack, whereupon they charge. Luffy attempts to fight with a sword, but uses his normal fighting style for the most part. He merely carries an additional sword in his fist as he strikes his opponents. Still, Hawkins’ men are no match for the two Straw Hat Pirates and are quickly defeated. Some run back to their boss and plead with him to help them. Luffy, meanwhile, is attacked by some people riding large lizards. The straw hat knocks the enemies off the lizard, but the lizard still attacks him. As a result, the latter hurls it at Hawkins, who in turn pierces it with his straw sword. Noticing how strong Hawkins is, Zoro quickly reacts and attacks it with a sword slash from a distance that should have cut half of its face. However, instead of Hawkins, one of his men takes the damage. Hawkins drops a straw voodoo doll from his arm and explains that thanks to his straw fruit, he can stow up to ten voodoo dolls in his body, representing the lives of other people, in this case his men, who all take fatal damage for him.

Hawkins once again draws his straw sword, out of which comes an immense amount of straw, which in turn forms a sort of straw demon above him. Hawkins takes out his cards and challenges Luffy and Zoro to a game, not wanting to fight people from the Worst Generation directly. He draws a card, which is the Reverse Fool. Shortly after, one of Hawkins’ men appears to be possessed and kills another of his men, causing Hawkins to lose one of his extra lives. Hawkins coldly apologizes, saying that he would draw a better card next time, however this is the risk with his cards. In return, there would also be cards that surpass his strength. As Hawkins is about to draw the next card, Komachiyo joins in, grabs Zoro and Luffy with his mouth, and runs off.

It turns out that Tama’s condition has worsened, which is why Komachiyo was so eager to move on. Hawkins’ men run after him, but are fought off by Zoro and Luffy. Meanwhile, Hawkins has drawn another card. This time it’s the Reversed High Priest, which he calls the Card of Pursuit. His straw demon gets a mace and sets off in pursuit of Luffy and Zoro.

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