One Piece Episode 896

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Thousand Sunny: The Straw Hats are also attacked by Cidre’s men, but suddenly they stop the attacks and ask the pirates for help. They explain that they are actually residents of the island who are forced to work as soldiers for Cidre.

outside the factory: Cidre and Luffy start their fight. Hancock initially wants to help Luffy, but she is hindered by Guarana and her men. However, with her devil powers, Hancock is able to turn all of Guarana’s men into stone. Only Guarana was able to escape, as Hancock says she is quite fast and agile. Guarana feels that Hancock’s ability does not intimidate her, as Hancock could not hit her and the Cidre Guild has already put several devil power users out of business.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Cidre engage in a fierce exchange of blows, but Luffy gets the upper hand and knocks Cidre into a water pipe. The latter, however, is able to get up again and feels confirmed that pirates are the vermin of the world, especially the devil fruit users among them. He remembers how Douglas Bullet once wounded him badly and attacked his village. Cidre explains that pirates with devil fruit powers only cause chaos everywhere and that someone had to do something about such pirates. That someone, he says, is himself.

Boa Sandersonia and Marigold meanwhile reach Luffy as well as Hancock and want to give them support, but Ginger and his squad also rejoin to help Cidre and Guarana and to get revenge. However, Cidre explains that they are retreating inside the factory to prepare the killer equipment, whereupon the three fly away with their jet packs. Luffy, Hancock as well as their sisters give chase.

At the entrance, Cidre separates from his two commanders so he can get his gear while they hold off their pursuers. Luffy and co. are about to join them as well. While Hancock and her sisters go to take care of Guarana and Ginger, Luffy flings himself into the factory.

At the factory: Luffy searches the factory for Cidre as he dons his new equipment he designed to kill Bullet. He feels that Luffy should be a suitable guinea pig for this. Luffy, meanwhile, has found another room filled with men begging him to defeat Cidre as he is holding their families hostage. No sooner said than Cidre shows up with his new equipment and attacks Luffy with it. One punch knocks Luffy two rooms over, at which point Cidre asks him what he thinks. Smiling, the straw hat pirate says it’s not bad, just a little too weak.

Outside the Factory: Hancock fights Ginger and Guarana, but neither are opponents for her. Hancock quickly defeats them with a kick each and petrifies them. Sandersonia and Marigold thus didn’t even have to intervene, after which the ladies just wait for Luffy to defeat Cidre.

At the Factory: Cidre continues to fight Luffy, and at least with his new gear can keep up with Luffy in Gear 2. During the fight, he explains that he has no interest in dreams or the One Piece, as they aren’t real. All he cares about is his revenge on Bullet and money, which he gets for his bounty hunting. However, Luffy responds by saying that Cidre wouldn’t be able to defeat even one pirate, as he has no conviction. Luffy declares that he wouldn’t lose to someone like that either, and sets off for Gear 3. With only an elephant gun, Luffy defeats his opponent. An invitation to the pirate festival then falls out of Cidre’s pocket and Luffy takes it.

Buena Festa’s Cave: Festa receives a call via Den-den Mushi and learns that Cidre has been defeated. Festa has to laugh, as he didn’t think he was that weak after all the talk about him. However, Festa is now even more looking forward to a fight between Bullet and Luffy.

Port: The formerly enslaved men of Cidre bring a dozen Coke barrels to the Straw Hat Pirates’s ship as thanks for defeating Cidre. Meanwhile, Luffy says goodbye to Hancock and thanks her for her help.

Thousand Sunny: Luffy shows his gang the invitation he found and explains that he wants to go to the Pirate Festival. Robin reads through the invitation and explains that the festival is to be held on Delta and there will be a contest for a treasure from Gold Roger. Luffy thinks it sounds like fun and gives orders to set course for Delta.

Cave of Buena Festa: Festa looks at a wall of wanted posters and hopes that the pirates will come soon. He wishes Roger could see how he will change the whole world in a few days.

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