One Piece Episode 895

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Cave: In a dark cave, Buena Festa makes a phone call. It takes a while to pick up, at which point Festa greets his friend on the other line, Cidre. He calls him the best bounty hunter of this generation and asks how business is going. Cidre, on the other hand, is not at all pleased to be disturbed while he is working and asks what he wants.

Thousand Sunny: The Straw Hats’ ship is under attack. Several bounty hunters, each standing on a flying saucer, attack them with water jets. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Brook, Robin and also Usopp bring some down, but new ones keep coming.

Cave: Festa tells Cidre that Douglas Bullet will come to the pirate festival. Cidre is pleased to hear this, as he will finally have the opportunity to kill the pirate he believes to be the worst of them all. He also wants to kill all the pirates at the pirate festival. Festa thinks he should try it, since there are pirates there who have a combined bounty of over 10 billion berries. If Cidre wants to try to kill them all, it will certainly be a nice spectacle, which is why Festa wants to invite him as a special guest. He explains that he also invited Straw Hat Luffy, who has caused such a stir in recent weeks. However, Cidre explains that the latter won’t be coming, as he’s currently hunting him down and would have all but caught him. Festa protests since Luffy would attract the most guests for his pirate party, but Cidre doesn’t care.

Thousand Sunny: Two of the bounty hunter squad leaders are now attacking the Sunny with torpedoes, at which point Franky uses the coup de burst to get everyone to safety. Once they’re out of the bounty hunters’ range, Franky wants to fix the ship, while the rest of the Straw Hats wonder what those bounty hunters were. Robin thinks that the enemies were using advanced technology, which was also a bit reminiscent of the Sunny’s Gaon cannon. It occurs to Brook that there’s an island nearby where they can regain their strength first.

Island: Luffy has put his feet in a hot spring and is enjoying a coke with it. Luffy then remembers that Franky and Nami told him to buy a barrel of Coke, since the last coup de burst depleted their supplies. Luffy is about to leave when he sees a woman riding a large hippo and wants to sell him a soda for 150 berries. Luffy declines and asks if she has any Coke as well, since he would need at least a keg. The woman explains that he could only find such a thing at the factory on the island, however he should be careful as all the men from the island were taken there and never seen again. The factory would belong to the Cidre Guild. Luffy buys a bottle of soda from her after all and heads to the factory.

On the way, he meets one of the leaders of the bounty hunters from earlier: Ginger, the commander of the Cidre Squadron. He explains that he is part of the Cidre Guild and it is a rule of the guild that all pirates must be killed without exception. A squad of bounty hunters arrives, riding hippos. They attack Luffy, but he manages to evade the attacks. Ginger then uses two cannons that Soda is using to attack Luffy, thus knocking him off a cliff. Luffy then falls into a spring, where the water is driven off into a canal, into which Luffy is flushed.

Spa Bath: In the hot spring of a spa bath, a female guest suddenly hears a scream, whereupon Luffy, is flushed out of the mouth where the water comes out and lands on top of the guest. This guest is none other than Luffy’s girlfriend, Boa Hancock.

Cidre Guild Factory: Guarana, the commander of the Carbonic Close Combat Unit, reports to Cidre that Hancock has been spotted on the island. Cidre is pleased by this, as it would give them the opportunity to take down both the Straw Hat and a Samurai of the Seas. Guarana is not so thrilled about this, as it could mean trouble with the navy. However, Cidre says that afterwards they can claim that the Straw Hat killed Hancock before they could finish him off.

Spa Bad: Hancock asks if Luffy came to see them, to which Luffy denies. He explains that he actually came to buy Coke. Hancock then sees this as a sign of fate that they are both meant to be together.

Spa, Building: Meanwhile, Boa Sandersonia and Marigold fight Cidre’s men, led by Ginger. However, they still storm the spa.

Bad: Seeing Ginger’s men, Luffy tries to get the attention and defeat the bounty hunters before they see Hancock’s brand on his back. Hancock’s sisters join in and throw their clothes to Hancock. Together they are able to quickly defeat Ginger’s men, at which point he is now outnumbered and resorts to his last resort and launches a gas attack. Luffy jumps out of the radius and takes Hancock with him, while Sandersonia and Marigold also make their way to safety. Guarana, meanwhile, reports that the pirates are moving towards the factory, to which Cidre declares that he himself would now take action.

Factory: Hancock explains that she didn’t think she would see Luffy before the festival. Luffy doesn’t know what she’s talking about, whereupon Hancock explains that there will be a pirate festival soon. Pirates whose combined bounties would amount to at least 10 billion berries are invited to this one. It’s a lawless festival, which always happens at different times in different places. Luffy is interested and is keen to go and see it, but first he has to get the coke barrel. Shortly after, Cidre comes flying in via jetpack and attacks the two. He explains that he uses the pressure of carbonic acid for his technology and would get Luffy as his 100th bounty.

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