One Piece Episode 894


Coast: Since Luffy saved Tama, she sees him as her new big brother. Luffy asks why Tama was threatened by those guys in the first place. She explains that she was going into town to buy something when the guys from earlier and the baboon threatened her. Komachiyo then attacked the baboon to protect Tama from it. However, the other two guys stole Tama’s groceries, to which she shouted in frustration that the Kozuki clan will punish her for it one day. By doing so, she broke an ironclad rule in this country. She already thought it was over for her. But thanks to Luffy, she is still alive, which is why she wants to help him with whatever it is. Luffy accepts the offer, as he has many questions about this land and could use some help. At that moment, his stomach growls and Tama thus understands that Luffy would probably need something to eat. They hide the Thousand Sunny in a small cave and set off on their animal companions, as Tama invites Luffy to join them.

Forest: Tama has christened the large baboon Hihimaru and lets Luffy ride him. While they are on the way, she explains that there are pirates she likes and some she doesn’t. Luffy doesn’t care about this, though. When they arrive, Luffy is surprised that there is a village in the mountains, to which Tama explains that only she and her master still live in the village. She herself intends to one day become a charming, strong Kunoichi (a female ninja).

Tama’s House: Tama’s house is in a large tree; according to Luffy, it’s quite small, rustic, and smells a bit. Meanwhile, Tama uses her shopping to prepare a meal. She fixes him a large bowl of rice as well as some pickles. Luffy eats this immediately, but asks why Tama isn’t eating. She says that she has to stay agile for her training as a ninja, so she doesn’t eat that much. When Luffy asks for seconds, Tama is surprised at how quickly this happened and has to admit that unfortunately there is nothing left. Shortly after, Tama’s stomach can be heard growing, to which she quickly leaves, explaining she had to go to the bathroom. Tama went out of the house to the river shortly after, trying to satisfy her hunger by drinking. Meanwhile, her master Hitetsu, disguised as TenguHe returns to the house and sees Luffy sitting in front of the empty bowl. He asks Luffy if he ate all the rice, which Luffy denies. Hitetsu then draws his sword and attacks Luffy, but Luffy is able to dodge and jumps out of the house. He explains that Tama cooked the food for him. Hitetsu’s anger doesn’t subside and he wonders why she would do such a thing. Further, he asks Luffy when he thinks the last time Tama ate was, because no matter how many bamboo hats she makes and sells, the proceeds from it are just enough for one person to live on. Luffy then looks around and only now notices what a state the rest of the abandoned village is in. Houses, fields, even statues are destroyed. Hitetsu explains that he wanted Tama to at least eat something on her birthday, which is why he gave her money to buy some rice. Tama suddenly joins them and puts herself between them. She explains that Luffy saved her and she was in his debt, which is why she cooked the food for Luffy without Hitetsu’s permission. Suddenly, however, Tama collapses and spits out some of the river water again. Luffy asks what’s wrong, to which Hitetsu guesses that she must have been trying to use river water to satisfy her hunger. Which is stupid around here, since Kaidou’s factories have polluted the rivers, making them toxic. Luffy asks why they even still live in this area, to which Hitetsu explains that Tama is waiting for the return of a certain man who promised to return: a pirate named Ace. Luffy is slightly shocked at first, but quickly composes herself and asks Tama, in a calm and serious voice, if it is Portgas D. Ace she is waiting for. When she confirms this, she asks Luffy if he knows Ace. Luffy nods, but also immediately explains that Ace has died. Tama can’t believe this, crying bitterly and calling Luffy a liar until she breaks down in tears. Luffy and Hitetsu take Tama back inside the house. Afterwards, Hitetsu brings Luffy out and yells at him about how he can so casually mention something like that around Tama. Luffy, in turn, says that nothing good will come of Tama waiting here for Ace any longer if he’s not going to return. Still, Hitetsu thinks the timing is bad. Hitetsu asks Luffy who he even is, to which Luffy replies and introduces himself as the future King of Pirates Luffy. Hitetsu explains that he generally dislikes pirates. He then introduces himself as Hitetsu the Swordsmith. The Straw Hat explains shortly after that he and Tama have no reason to stay here now though, so he should find a safe place to live with Tama. Hitetsu then explains, however, that he himself is also waiting for someone. He explains that there was once a village here called Amigasa.

But about a year ago, a man named X. Drake came to the village, headlining Kaidou’s gang. He defeated all the samurai in the village and single-handedly destroyed it. Hitetsu explains that the only place that would be good to live is the Flower Capital, from where Orochi rules. All other places were destroyed or ruined by Kaidou and his men to the point of becoming lawless zones or wilderness.

Four years earlier, someone else showed up to help the village. The village had always been very poor and many sometimes died of malnutrition. Just when it was thought that they were all near doom, Ace washed up on shore. The villagers captured him and his crew when they were weakened or unconscious and stole all the supplies from the ship. When Ace came to, he freed himself without any problems and asked Tama, who was eating some of his supplies, if she had also had her fill or if she wanted some more candy. Ace then stayed in the village for several weeks with his crew, helping out. Among other things, he learned how to make bamboo hats and especially Tama spent a lot of time with Ace.

Present: Luffy is happy to hear good stories about his brother again. Meanwhile, approaching the shore is the boss of the two guys Luffy defeated. It is none other than Basil Hawkins. The latter explains that Kaidou doesn’t need to be told about the incident, as he’ll take care of it himself.

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