One Piece Episode 893


Coast: Luffy is sitting in front of the Thousand Sunny, wondering what to do next and where his friends are, when he hears something coming from the nearby forest. A Komainu is suddenly thrown out of the forest and hits the Sunny, much to Luffy’s annoyance. Shortly after, a baboon comes leaping out of the forest, armed with a sword. A fight ensues between the two. Luffy, however, doesn’t care for the most part, as long as they don’t collide with his ship again. He tries to remember how he got here, whereupon it comes back to him.

Flashback: After the Straw Hats made it over the waterfall, the ship was caught in a whirlpool. Sanji offered to carry Nami and Carrot so he could use his Sky Walk to carry them to safety. Chopper and Brook also forced themselves on Sanji in the process, as they were quite in danger as Devil Fruit users. Since the two aren’t particularly heavy, Sanji took them with him. Luffy helped Sanji get started by allowing Sanji to use Luffy’s inflated belly as a trampoline or jumping point. Luffy himself tried to catapult away with his rubber arms. However, he was suddenly pinned down by the octopus, which is why he didn’t make it off the ship in time.

Present: Luffy notices that he also lost Kinemon’s Vivre Card during his experience. At first this annoys him, but shortly after he thinks it’s not so bad.

Magistrate’s House: Zoro is surrounded by the magistrate’s guards, who still believe Zoro is the culprit. Zoro defeats some with the small blade he has to make his way to his swords. He takes his swords and defeats the remaining guards with just one attack, which also destroys the magistrate’s house.

Forest near the coast: Some men riding a big lizard put a girl in a sack. The girl had shouted loudly that if the Kozuki clan were there, they would be brought to justice. Therefore, the men believe that the girl belongs to the Kozuki clan or its supporters. Since this is a crime, they want to sell the girl as a slave. The men notice that the baboon on the beach still hasn’t defeated the girl’s komainu. They also see Luffy on the beach and report to their superior via Den-den Mushi that there is an intruder who snuck ashore. Their superior actually wants to know more about this intruder, but by then the two men are already attacking Luffy with their guns. Luffy, however, easily dodges the bullets and counters with a gum-gum gun each. The men then order the baboon to attack Luffy. The latter wants to do so, but Luffy uses his King Shaki to tame both animals. One of the men tries to ambush Luffy again, but the little girl has meanwhile freed herself from the sack and hits the man with a branch. However, apart from a bump and him now being angry, this has done nothing. He runs after the girl to kill her, but is knocked back into the forest by Luffy’s gum-gum gun. The girl then surrenders to Luffy, who explains that he doesn’t want anything from her. She is glad to hear this and then pulls a dango dumpling from her cheek, which she gives to the baboon to eat.

City: Franky hears from some colleagues that the night attacker had struck again, but this time they recognized his face. But he had been too strong and had defeated the magistrate and all his samurai, using three swords at once. Franky imagines that this was Zoro and wonders what he is doing.

On the street, both Robin and later Usopp see wanted posters of Zoro, saying that he murdered the magistrate. Zoro himself hid under a bridge for a while until he discovered his own wanted poster, whereupon he decides he’d rather go somewhere else.

Coast: The baboon does not want to eat the girl’s dango dumpling. He tries to attack the girl again, who then throws the dumpling into his mouth. After swallowing it, the baboon becomes peaceful and does whatever she tells him. Luffy now understands that the girl must have eaten a devil fruit and her ability must allow her to tame wild beasts. The girl then introduces herself to Luffy as Tama and her komainu as Komachiyo. Luffy asks Tama if he really was in Wano Country, to which she confirms. She even adds that he is currently in the region called Kuri and starts calling Luffy her big brother.

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