One Piece Episode 891


Thousand Sunny: Chopper and Brook take care of some repairs. Meanwhile, Nami has gotten a new newspaper and reads that the Levely has begun and Neptune’s family is also participating. On the next page, Nami even finds a picture of Vivi, which delights her and Luffy. Sanji immediately stands in front of the paper and goes to kiss Vivi’s picture, until Nami then swats him away. The Straw Hats go through the pictures and notice many familiar faces like Viola, Dalton, Wapol, Rebecca, and Sai. Chopper is especially pleased when Nami shows him a picture of Dr. Kureha. Chopper and Sanji immediately edit the paper with scissors to cut out the photos. Much to Nami’s chagrin, she hasn’t read the back page yet and the article there says something about Kaidou and Big Mom. Luffy is already planning to revisit everyone at the end of their trip, at which point Brook interrupts him and asks if he’s tested the Den-den Mushi yet. Luffy then takes out a Den-den Mushi to contact Kinemon, but so far there is still no response. Luffy therefore decides to enter the land of the samurai right away.

A brief flashback once again shows Kinemon and his companions telling Luffy about the situation in Wano Country and forming an alliance with Luffy and Law.

Present: An octopus slowly climbs up the Thousand Sunny unnoticed. Luffy wants Brook to take the wheel to head straight for Wano Country. Nami notices at that moment, however, that something is wrong with the weather and the wind is picking up. A storm is brewing and several eddies are forming in the water. Brook is in favor of them waiting until the weather calms down before entering Wano Country. However, Nami explains that Kinemon has already warned them that the weather around the island is always bad. At that moment, the Straw Hats notice the man-sized octopus that has joined them. The octopus keeps banging its head, which sounds like a drum. Confused, the crew wonders when this one came on board. But they can’t focus on this for long, as the Thousand Sunny has been swept along by the current and is now heading further and further into the dangerous sea. Meanwhile, as the octopus keeps hitting its head, the ship is also being chased by giant kois. Luffy immediately asks Sanji if they are edible, to which Sanji comes up with a cooking method. Luffy, meanwhile, jumps on one of the koi to catch it so they can have a feast for the reunion with Zoro & Co. Meanwhile, the ship is carried by the current up to a waterfall, where the koi swim up against the current. Nami guesses that Wano Country is probably up there, but she sees no way to get up. Luffy comes back to Sunny and has an idea. He wraps his legs around the ship several times and advises his crew to hold on. He grabs a koi swimming straight up the waterfall with each arm, pulling the ship along.

Once at the top, the Straw Hats are happy to have made it, but the joy is short-lived. The koi, which Luffy is still holding, swim straight into a massive whirlpool. Luffy doesn’t want to let go of the koi because they’re his supper, whereupon Nami knocks him out first. Nami tells Brook to steer out, but it’s already too late; the ship has been caught in the whirlpool and is sinking.

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