One Piece Episode 890


New World, Sphinx: Some Minks look around, but find only ruined houses that look like they were recently raided. Meanwhile, in the center of the ruins, Rody and Blackback are talking about how good Nekomamushi is at navigating. Rody thinks this must have come from his time with Gold Roger. Meanwhile, Blackback asks how long they have to wait in the ruins, to which Rody explains that it will take as long as it takes Nekomamushi to return with Marco. Blackback would like to get a closer look at Marco, but Rody forbids it since Marco lives on the island in a peaceful village. Therefore, Nekomamushi gave the order that none of the warriors should approach the village so as not to upset the villagers.

In the village, Marco is tending to an injured Sphinx. He has bandaged her leg and is using his phoenix flame to make the injury heal faster. A little girl is happy that her four-legged comrade is well again. Marco used to be not only the commander of the first division of the Whitebeard pirate gang, but also the ship’s doctor, which is why he is now the village doctor.

A flashback occurs that shows Marco’s actions in Marine Ford’s war, as well as actions and speeches that showed how much Whitebeard loved his crew and considered them family. The ending also shows how Blackbeard then used his whole crew to kill Whitebeard so he could get his devil fruit.

Present: Marco is taking care of the villagers and their worries. Nekomamushi watches him as he does so. After he is done, he and Nekomamushi sit on a log and look at the village from a distance. Marco explains that this is the village that Whitebeard built. He goes on to explain that this village has always been very poor and therefore could not pay heavenly tribute to the World Nobles. As a result, the world government refused to help the island and it degenerated into a lawless zone. Whitebeard grew up here and always tried to take care of everything and everyone. But one day he moved out to sea. Still, he had never stopped caring about the island and sent money that he captured here so that the islanders would be well off. In this way, they were able to rebuild the village in the middle of the island. Marco goes on to explain that after Whitebeard died, Blackbeard tried to take his territory, which is why there was a battle between the Whitebeard Pirates and the Blackbeard Pirates, but they didn’t stand a chance in the end and lost. The result was that Blackbeard took the territories and was named one of the Four Emperors. Marco says that Whitebeard was already a bit headstrong at times. He was always taking other people’s drinks or buying his own without ever buying one himself. However, through tears, Marco explained that this was because he put all his treasure into this village. Since this is thus Whitebeard’s last memory, Marco is also grateful to Shanks for burying Whitebeard nearby. Marco gets Nekomamushi a cheese to eat and goes on to explain that he heard about the new Samurai of the Seas Weevil, who claims to be Whitebeard’s biological son and is after everyone who was connected to Whitebeard. Marco suspects that he and his mother are probably after Whitebeard’s treasure and won’t see that there isn’t any. Because of this, the island and Marco will probably become targets for them soon enough. Marco doesn’t know if anything really went on between Whitebeard and Bakkin, however he does know that they both sailed on the same pirate ship 30 to 40 years ago. Nekomamushi understands why Marco cannot accompany them. Marco asks him to tell Luffy about the whole thing. Marco asks what they’re actually going to do on Wano Country, to which Nekomamushi replies that they’re going to overthrow Kaidou, which startles Marco.

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