One Piece Episode 889


Pangaea Castle, Room of Flowers: In a room filled with flowers, an unknown person stands holding Luffy’s wanted poster while watching some butterflies.

Underground: Karasu has left some crows outside and explained that Saint Charlos and Saint Rosward have left. The revolutionary leaders now want to have a meeting before they go into action. Lindbergh explains that they now understand the geographical location and positions as well as the layout of the buildings, however the biggest problem is still security as there are naval admirals here. Sabo doesn’t care about this, he wants to save Bartholomew Kuma. Lindbergh notes that this is probably Sabo’s way of saying thank you, since Bear saved Luffy and his crew two years ago.

A flashback occurs showing Bartholomew Kuma apparently attacking the Straw Hat Pirates, but getting them to safety by scattering them all over the world. The flashback shows where they all ended up, how Luffy lost Ace, Jinbe and Rayleigh got Luffy to become stronger for the next two years afterwards, as well as the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates deciding to improve their skills.

Another flashback then shows how the Straw Hat Pirates reunited after two years, much stronger, and set off on new adventures.

Present: Sabo explains that the Straw Hat Pirates’s success today would not be possible without Bartholomew Kuma, so they would have to save him no matter what.

Pangaea Castle: The 50 kings take their seats one by one so that the conference can begin. Some talk beforehand about, among other things, Luffy attacking Big Mom and probably going after Kaidou now. Some wonder if they should send marines to Wano Country, since it’s not part of the world government and thus doesn’t have its own naval base. However, some kings are against sending marines there, as it would only cost money. When Wapol hears this, he has to smile and looks over at Dalton, showing that he wouldn’t have lied about how some people handle things. When asked who will preside, Ballywood stands up and explains that he was chosen this time. The other kings agree and are excited to see how the next seven days will go.

In another part of the castle, the Five Elders are on their way. One of them explains that King Kobra has requested an audience with them. The Nefertari family was the only one of the 20 families of the founding members of the World Government who chose to continue to rule their kingdom normally instead of becoming World Nobles, which is why the Sages consider them a traitor family. One of the sages hopes that Kobra didn’t find out anything specific, since they didn’t need any more trouble. Another sage thinks that since the war on Marine Ford, it’s been one big incident after another. The last sage explains that the balance of the world couldn’t last forever, so they would have to do a purge.

Room of Flowers: The unknown person is still watching some butterflies. A voice addresses the person as Im and explains that they have come, after which Im walks out of the room. Behind him are scraps of Luffy and Blackbeard’s mugshot, while a sword pierces the picture of Shirahoshi. Im himself holds another photo in his hand, which shows Vivi.

Room of the Empty Throne: The Five Elders enter the room and go down on their knees before Im, who sits on the empty throne. The Five Elders ask Im if he had decided which light in the history of the world should be extinguished.

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