One Piece Episode 888


Pangaea Castle: Some soldiers enter the castle as reinforcements to protect the regents. However, the last soldier secretly leaves the line and takes off his armor. It is Sabo, who then runs through the palace and takes some photos of the surroundings. He goes into several rooms and probes the area. In one room he is found by a soldier, but Sabo quickly takes him out.

Courtyard: Vivi is disappointed at how many people have left without asking about Shirahoshi’s well-being. Dr. Kureha explains that this is normal, as most don’t want to get involved in such a situation. Mansherry, meanwhile, heals Shirahoshi’s injuries, with Rebecca finding it funny to see the world’s smallest princess and largest princess together. Meanwhile, Neptune thanks Saint Mjosgard for his help. Neptune realizes that every country has good and bad people, and his own kingdom is no exception. Mjosgard promises to use his power to protect Shirahoshi from all other World Nobles for the next seven days. Leo asks if he could attack them himself if they attack one of his friends, as long as he says it was by Mjosgard’s permission. Pell joins and apologizes to Vivi for not being able to protect her earlier. Pell was with King Kobra, who went to a meeting with Fujitora that he invited him and King Riku to.

Pangaea Castle: Sabo is still running through the castle corridors, encountering some soldiers again, but this time he takes flight. He is able to get rid of them by jumping to the ceiling when he was out of sight and clawing at the ceiling with his hook-enhanced hands. When they think they’ve lost him, Sabo jumps back down and quickly takes out both soldiers with a surprise attack. Sabo next wants to go to the Land of the Gods, the area where the World Nobles live. He destroys a wall to do so and jumps outside, where he is caught by Karasu’s crows. Karasu’s voice rings out and he thinks that Sabo could quietly make a little less of a fuss. Sabo, however, thinks that would be fine, since they’re going to declare war on the World Nobles after all, so they’ll be in fights anyway.

Sky Dragon Gate: Little old Queen Connie appears at the gate leading to the realm of the World Nobles. The guards try to persuade her to turn back, as no one but the World Nobles are allowed to enter the area behind them. Shortly after, the massive slave of Saint Charlos appears, carrying his master on his back. Charlos is tended to by two men as he whines around and complains about Mjosgard. The gate is opened, whereupon Charlos is carried through the gate on his slave. Sabo is already in the realm of the gods, looking at everything through an alleyway. Another world aristocrat enters. It is Charlos’ father Rosward, who is also riding a slave. However, the slave he is riding is Bartholomew Kuma. Rosward has come to collect his son. During the scene, Connie takes the opportunity to sneak into the realm of the gods as well. Rosward, meanwhile, complains about Mjosgard, calling him an oddball for not owning a single slave more, despite his rank. He’s almost as odd as Homing, who gave up his status 30 years ago, he says. Rosward then says that probably the entire Donquixote family is crazy. Charlos only now notices that his father is riding Bartholomew Kuma, who now holds the title of “invincible slave.” Rosward declares that it is finally his turn to hire him out

It begins a series of flashbacks showing various meetings between the Straw Hats and Bartholomew Kuma. The first meeting on Thriller Bark, where he was supposed to wipe out the Straw Hats but didn’t. The second meeting on the Sabaody Archipelago, where he scattered all the Straw Hats across the world. Then, where he showed up during the war on Marine Ford and attacked Luffy and Ivankov, since the World Government had him completely transformed into a robot by then. The last time he was seen was when Franky came back to the Thousand Sunny after two years and ran into Bear, who was protecting the ship.

Present: Rosward explains how nice it is to have a slave you can beat and stab without him crying out, demonstrating this right away. He calls Bartholomew Kuma a first class slave. Sabo is seething with rage and can’t watch this any longer and wants to intervene. But Karasu stops him, whereupon they are both taken to the ground by Morley. Queen Connie has been watching the whole thing from afar and can’t believe she found Bear so quickly. She then begins to transform and it turns out that she is really Jewelry Bonney, who had only aged herself. Seeing Bear brings tears to Jewelry’s eyes and she vows that she will never forgive them.

Underground tunnels: Morley tells Sabo to calm down. However, the latter is still pissed at how their friend is being treated here. Karasu and Lindbergh also try to tell Sabo to stay calm and they feel the same way. Still, Karasu explains that even if they free Bartholomew Kuma, he’ll never be the same. Lindbergh, on the other hand, explains that Bear used to be a king, but he chose to go against the World Nobles, which is why they now use him as a warning of what will become of those who oppose them. The World Nobles have both the Navy and CP0 on their side, so they cannot afford to make a mistake. Sabo then declares that there will be no mistakes as it will be a success.

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