One Piece Episode 887


Kaidou’s Hideout: While Kaidou is drinking again, he is interrupted by one of his men who wants to tell him something important. Kaidou has received a call via Den-den Mushi and it’s none other than Big Mom. Big Mom explains that Luffy is on his way to Wano Country, but she doesn’t want Kaidou to touch him. She herself also wants to come to Wano Country and finish Luffy off personally. Kaidou doesn’t think this is funny, but Big Mom explains that it wasn’t meant as a joke either. Big Mom explains that she needs to collect Luffy’s head, as well as something else he stole from her, or she will lose face in public. She then reminds Kaidou that he still owes her a favor. Kaidou retorts that this was a lifetime ago, but Big Mom again says that this is a lifetime debt. Kaidou takes another sip before smashing his mug, explaining that he himself has unfinished business with the Straw Hat.

There’s a small flashback that shows Luffy and his crew destroying the Smile factory, where the artificial devil fruits were made that Kaidou bought from Doflamingo to make his pirate crew the strongest ever.

Present: Kaidou declares that it will be him who kills the Straw Hat and if Big Mom dares to come here, she would meet the same fate. Big Mom tells him to go for it. She wouldn’t have called for his permission, but merely as a warning.

New Marineford: Big Mom and Kaidou’s conversation has been intercepted and the Marine is preparing, as a meeting between emperors is never a good thing. Kizaru asks the Grand Admiral if he should go, but Sakazuki has yet to consider this because of the mysterious and powerful warriors that live on Wano Country: the Samurai.

Red Port: In a restaurant, the Vice Admirals are talking about the current situation. Gion tells Garp that his grandson is the target of both Kaidou and Big Mom, which he again finds screamingly funny. Gion doesn’t find this funny at all, asking if they’re really just standing there while two emperors team up. Garp explains – like it or not – that the only soldiers who could stop the two are currently here to protect the royal families during the Levely. Tokikake explains that Big Mom isn’t stupid and is certainly taking advantage of the situation right now. Further, he inquires as to what the Grand Admiral’s orders have been so far in this matter. Gion explains that the order is to do nothing, as Wano Country is outside of the Navy’s jurisdiction. Garp laughs and says he already thought something like that. Hina, however, then says that they should still be careful, since the two of them are, after all, the reason Garp is called a hero of the Navy. Garp then remembers “Rocks.” He asks Hina how she knew about it, since this was before Roger’s time and they were on top then. However, he adds that this was over 40 years ago. Hina says that even though they lost their captain, they still gained strength, which is why she is concerned. Garp replies that she has nothing to worry about. He seems to reminisce for a moment after that, until he asks if they remember the Battle of Marine Ford. It was also then that one unbelievable thing after another happened. Gion and Tokikake think that this would be related to Garp’s grandson. Hina adds that she can’t believe what a big threat this one has become. Garp, still partially lost in reminiscing, merely notes that Luffy’s threat isn’t big enough yet.

A flashback occurs showing Luffy’s actions since the battle. The ringing of the bell to convey a message to his crew via the newspaper, his victory over Hody Jones and his gang, and how he challenged Big Mom. As well as his actions in the New World: his alliance with Law, the kidnapping of Caesar, his victory over Doflamingo, the founding of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, the alliance with Momonosuke against Kaidou, and his victory over Katakuri, which earned him his latest bounty of over a billion.

Present: Despite his large bounty, Garp thinks he’s still a greenhorn.

Mary Geoise, Pangaea Castle: The Five Elders have received an unexpected visitor. The visitor cloaks himself under a cloak. The Five Elders in turn question why he has to show up there just at the time of the Levely, given his status. However, since he is, they want to make an exception and take the time to see him. The man under the cloak is none other than Shanks, who wants to talk to the Five Elders about a certain pirate.

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