One Piece Episode 886


Mary Geoise, courtyard: Neptune wishes his wife Otohime could be with him today, the day her work might bear fruit.

Pangaea Castle: A servant takes Sterry to a room guarded by several guards. In this room, a large throne is placed at the end of a long staircase, surrounded by several swords. Sterry finds this throne to be simply magnificent. The throne is known as the “empty throne.” Sterry would love to run right up to it and sit on it, but the guards and servant get angry at this. The servant points out that this can’t even be said in jest. Sterry has only been brought here to take his oath. The servant goes on to explain that no one is allowed to sit on the empty throne and it is symbolic of the oath that all kingdoms are equal and no one rules over another. The 20 rusty swords around the throne are the 20 swords that the first 20 kings gave here as they took the oath, thus establishing the world government. The throne itself stands right in the middle of the land, and thus in the middle of the world. However, the biggest decisions are still made by the Five Elders, who are at the head of the world government. Again, this is to show that no one can rule the world alone. The servant then wants to hand Sterry a sword so that he also takes the oath, but Sterry has overheard most of what the servant said and inwardly just wants to sit on the throne so that he is the king of the world.

Courtyard: Shirahoshi screams in terror as a man, or rather a giant with an executioner’s mask, tries to put a necklace on her so that she will become Saint Charlos’ slave. Saint Charlos himself stands a few feet away, rejoicing and dancing like a toddler, having found a new mermaid. Fukaboshi wants to rush to his sister’s aid, but he is held back by Neptune, who himself is currently seething with rage. Rebecca and Vivi want to rush to her aid, but are stopped. Sai personally stops Rebecca, explaining that if she angers a world aristocrat, it could lead to the destruction of Dress Rosa. Shirahoshi, meanwhile, is thrown to the ground so they can put the necklace on her. Leo can no longer stand by and watch a friend of Luffy’s being treated like this and rushes off to help her. Sai then lets go of Rebecca to back Leo up. However, they are kicked away in seconds by Rob Lucci of CP0, who has suddenly appeared to protect Saint Charlos. Rob Lucci then says that the two should thank him. Kaku, who is now also part of CP0, is also there and explains that this will spare their lands. Stussy as well as another masked member of the CP0 are also present.

A brief flashback occurs to explain who Rob Lucci and Kaku are and how their paths once crossed with the Straw Hat Pirates on Enie’s lobby, respectively. The flashback shows how the Straw Hat Pirates turned on the World Government to free Nico Robin, and Zoro’s fight against Kaku, as well as Luffy’s fight against Blueno and later Rob Lucci.

Present: Rob Lucci explains that the World Nobles are the ones who created this world, which is why they would be gods. However, he says that those present here are merely royalty from the lower world, so it is natural that they should give the gods whatever they ask for in this paradise. Vivi doesn’t think this is fair or makes sense, to which Lucci only replies that a god doesn’t have to make sense. Vivi then runs up to Rob Lucci and grabs him by the collar; telling him to release her friend Shirahoshi. Neptune thanks Vivi for her kindness, but asks her to get out of his way. Neptune explains that if this is what coexistence under the sun with humans is going to be like, he can’t bring his people here. But at least before he does, he wants to strike the man who made his daughter cry. Neptune lunges to strike, while Vivi stands in front of Saint Charlos to make Neptune stop before his kingdom is also put in danger by this action. Rebecca, in turn, tries to explain that the CP0 and the World Nobles do not represent humanity. Saint Charlos, on the other hand, gives Rob Lucci orders to kill Neptune if he gets too close. However, at that moment, Saint Charlos is hit by someone else with an iron club. The blow was delivered by another World Aristocrat, who apologizes to Neptune afterwards and orders the giant slave to let go of Shirahoshi. The World Aristocrat goes down on his knees to apologize again to Neptune and Shirahoshi, but is also thankful that he was now able to at least somewhat pay off the debt he still owed to Otohime. The World Aristocrat who joined is Saint Donquixote Mjosgard, the World Aristocrat who was once rescued by Queen Otohime and brought her to Mary Geoise. Mjosgard explains that he was reformed by Otohime and realized his humanity, which is why he wants to do everything he can to help the fish people. Furthermore, he also immediately orders the CP0 to disappear.

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