One Piece Episode 885


Mary Geoise: Rebecca, Vivi and Shirahoshi get along just fine, which pleases Fukaboshi, Viola and Igaram. Suddenly, a familiar voice notices Rebecca and greets her. It’s Sai, who came here as a bodyguard for his king. Leo also immediately greets his brother joyfully under the straw hat flag. Another familiar voice greets the group, but this time the greeting was to Vivi and the voice doesn’t belong to a friend either. It is Wapol, who came here with his wife Kinderella. He is making fun of Kobra’s health condition when he is suddenly interrupted by Dalton and Dr. Kureha. Vivi immediately greets the two, to which Shirahoshi asks who they are. Vivi then explains how she met Dalton and Dr. Kureha.

Flashback: Flashback occurs, showing the events of Drum. How Nami got sick, the Straw Hats reached the island, Wapol tried to take over the kingdom again and how Luffy stopped him.

Present: Wapol says that Dalton shouldn’t get away with so much because he is his vassal after all. However, Dalton counters that this is long gone and they are on the same level now, so Wapol should be careful with his words. Wapol then briefly cringes at Dalton, but tells him that he has no future if he continues to be so naive. Wapol explains that he worked his way up using his devil powers to regain that status. In doing so, he saw how dirty the world was in some places and that Dalton would soon see this as well. However, Dalton completely ignores Wapol and asks Vivi & Co. if they also read the news about Luffy. Meanwhile, Dr. Kureha asks the princesses if they’ve seen Chopper as well. Shirahoshi is able to answer this, explaining that she saw Chopper tending to Luffy’s wounds after the fight with Hody Jones. Dr. Kureha is happy to hear this.

Flashback: Dr. Kureha then recalls how she took in Chopper, who years later decided to travel with Luffy.

Thousand Sunny: Carrot wanted to help Sanji cook, but cut her finger. Chopper immediately comes running to tend to her injury. Carrot is amazed at how good Chopper is at such things, to which he replies that he was also trained by the best doctor in the world.

Mary Geoise: Sai chats with Leo and explains that this bodyguard job is the last assignment he’ll do for his kingdom. After this, he will continue sailing as a pirate under the crest of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. He has heard that Ideo and Hajrudin are also already off to new adventures on the sea.

Standing: Meanwhile, Orlumbus also informs his king that he is leaving his service with his fleet to become a pirate. The king is incensed and demands an explanation, to which Orlumbus replies that he has a large debt to repay.

Bartolomeo, meanwhile, uses force to get other villages to buy Luffy merchandise and support the Straw Hat Pirates.

Meanwhile, the Beautiful pirate gang is being pursued by two ships. Suleiman thinks at first that these might be a couple of Doflamingo’s former trading partners out for revenge, but Cavendish denies this. He takes a bit of a swing and talks about his past, when he was the Prince of the Land of Bourgeois. He explains that he was so popular with the women that none would marry anyone but him. Because of this, Cavendish was banished from his home, but it seems that some of his fans are still pursuing him to marry him. The ships belong to such fans.

Mary Geoise: Sai explains that he figures Luffy will be up against even stronger opponents than Doflamingo, so they should all try to get stronger. Leo agrees with him and explains that’s why he and his team are training.

Impel Down, Level 6: Doflamingo wonders why he was given a solitary cell with no one around to talk to. He asks if Magellan did this for his safety, to protect Doflamingo from possible assassins sent from on high to silence him from telling the secret of Mary Geoise.

Mary Geoise, basement vault: a dark figure holds Luffy’s wanted poster in his hand and walks down a long deep staircase. He walks into a sealed, freezing room. This room holds a massive straw hat that resembles Luffy’s.

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