One Piece Episode 884


Redline: The gondola carrying the regents of the various kingdoms comes to a halt. They get off and now only have to walk up a large staircase to reach the Holy Land of Mary Geoise.

Mary Geoise: Shirahoshi and the other royal families marvel as the gate opens and they get a glimpse of the land at the top of the Redline. The guards lead the guests to a special walkway. As soon as everyone is standing on it, a few levers are used, causing the walkway to move on its own, taking the aristocrats to their destination. Sterry makes a small scene when he thinks it’s an earthquake and he’s going to die, but he’s simply ignored by the others present. Fukaboshi suggests to his sister that maybe they should go the normal way to better enjoy the beautiful scenery. Sterry then thinks that fish people are probably afraid of modern technology and calls them stupid, while he continues to use the automatic walkway. He considers installing one in his kingdom as well. Fukaboshi feels that there is something wrong with the sidewalk. In fact, the sidewalk is set in motion underground by several slaves hoping someone will either save them or kill them. Meanwhile, Saint Charlos sees Shirahoshi in the distance with binoculars and hopes to get a new mermaid.

Arriving at the palace, the royal families and their bodyguards are let in and led to the inner garden, where more regents are already talking to each other or eating something from the banquet. Neptune and Manboshi seem to be making fast friends with some people. Shirahoshi, on the other hand, is besieged by many people who want to introduce her to their sons. However, as was the case with Vander Decken IX, she turns them all down on the grounds that they are not her type. Fukaboshi and Ryuboshi then have to immediately intervene and mend fences, as many of the royal families feel insulted by this. Fukaboshi tries to explain that it was just a translation error, while Ryuboshi tells his sister to try – if she won’t lie – to avoid such questions so as not to provoke a diplomatic conflict.

Vivi, meanwhile, has spotted Leo, who shows himself to her because he heard her talking about Luffy. Leo then explains that he is a pirate himself and is one of Luffy’s henchmen. Rebecca overheard the conversation and asks what Vivi knew about Luffy. Vivi explains that she once rode with the Straw Hats and Luffy saved her kingdom.

A flashback occurs, showing the events of Arabasta two years ago: the fight Vivi had with Luffy in the desert, Luffy’s first defeat at Crocodile’s hands, the battle between the Royal Army and the rebels, the Straw Hats’ battles against Crocodile’s agents and Luffy’s victory against Crocodile, and Vivi’s departure from the Straw Hats.

Rebecca and Leo are touched by the story. Shirahoshi has also overheard something and thus quickly befriends Rebecca and Vivi.

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