One Piece Episode 882


New Marineford: Sengoku is still thinking about how everything took a turn with the appearance of Straw Hat Luffy and his alliance at the Battle of Marine Ford.

Flashback: Various events are shown after Luffy showed up on Marine Ford and tried to save Ace from his execution: Luffy’s escape from King Shaki, Ace’s rescue, his defeat at the hands of Sakazuki, Ace’s death as well as Whitebeard’s, and the moment Shanks stopped the war.

Present, Red Port: The people of the port city are already excited about the high visit that is on its way, as one has to pass through the port city to get to Mary Geoise by gondola. People immediately rush to the harbor as the first ships of the royal families arrive. The first aristocrats to be seen are the King of Roshwan, Beer VI, and his daughters, the Matryo Princesses. Then come Queen Mororon of the Kingdom of Tajine, King Tacos of the Kingdom of Shishano, and King Ham Burger of the Kingdom of Ballywood. Shortly after, Garp’s ship docks and behind him comes the ship of King Neptune and his children from the sea. Fukaboshi first has to encourage his sister, but then she dares to leave the cabin and sees the surface for the first time, where she is greeted and cheered by the townspeople.

Mary Geoise: Fujitora is eating a bowl of noodles with relish in a garden. Also at the table is the new Admiral Aramaki, who has just been ordered to expel Fujitora from Mary Geoise. The latter, however, does not see fit to obey the order, as a fight between him and Fujitora would disrupt the conference far more than Fujitora’s mere presence. Fujitora explains that he doesn’t want to destroy anything besides the current system either. Aramaki inquires as to what Vegapunk is actually doing. Fujitora replies that of course he couldn’t see it, however he seems to have accomplished something incredible. When Aramaki asks what it is, Fujitora simply replies that The Seven Warlords of the Seas are no longer needed. Fujitora, meanwhile, remarks that the food here is quite delicious and wonders why Aramaki isn’t eating. The latter explains that if a young girl would help him, he might. However, by his own admission, eating is too much of a chore, which is why he hasn’t eaten in three years.

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