One Piece Episode 881


New Marineford: Grand Admiral Sakazuki complains that Fujitora showed up on Mary Geoise, even though he gave orders not to let him on any more naval bases until he delivers Luffy and Law’s heads to him. T-Bone in turn explains that Fujitora had a perfect counter-argument, and that is that Mary Geoise is not a naval base. Former Grand Admiral Sengoku pokes fun at the situation, ironically asking Sakazuki if the job isn’t a bit difficult. Sakazuki then asks who else would be on Mary Geoise at the moment, to which T-Bone explains that Admiral Aramaki would be there. Sakazuki gives orders to contact the latter, not to let Fujitora on the Levely. After everyone has their orders and steps away, Sakazuki gets annoyed when he catches sight of Luffy’s wanted poster. Borsalino, who had remained there, says he never thought the Straw Hat would achieve a bounty of over a billion. Sakazuki, in turn, regrets that he failed to kill him back during the Battle of Marine Ford, thus ending the Great Pirate Era.

A flashback begins, showing the events of Impel Down, how Luffy snuck in and formed an alliance with Buggy and other pirates and fought Magellan there, only to free Ace. However, the latter was taken to Marine Ford beforehand, after which Luffy and his alliance left there as well. Then, while the Marine battle against the Whitebeard gang was in full swing, Luffy showed up.

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