One Piece Episode 880


Kingdom of Lulusia, Port City: Pirates have attacked the city and want to plunder it. A naval ship that came to help has already been sunk and the remaining soldiers are fighting against the captain of the pirate gang. However, the captain is too strong for the marines. The captain is called Peachbeard, he has a bounty of 52 million berries and is a subordinate of Blackbeard. The royal family that went to the Levely also took almost all of the soldiers, so the kingdom is defenseless and an easy target for pirates, Peachbeard explains. He orders his men to attack, whereupon they rush off. The pirates loot everything the inhabitants own. Peachbeard notices the milkmaid, Moda. He thought she was hiding a jar of savings from him, but it was just a big jar full of milk for children in a village. Moda explains that her country is not very wealthy, whereupon the pirate captain demands the heavenly tribute, the money all kings must pay to the world’s aristocrats or they will all be killed. Peachbeard doesn’t care, he gives orders to his men to search for it and collect the money. Moda begs Peachbeard not to do this, but he punches her away. However, she ends up with a woman, who in turn orders her ally Morley to attack.

The ground begins to shake and bulge. A half-naked giant in a miniskirt then emerges from the bulge, armed with a trident. The bizarre sight causes the pirates to freeze for a moment before their captain gives the order to attack the giant. But the giant Morley knows how to fight back, using his trident to pull up the ground and make waves. He moves the stone floor as if it were clay, pushing and moving it as he pleases, whereupon Peachbeard correctly guesses that he must be a devil fruit user. The townspeople are impressed by the giant and its power, when suddenly the woman Moda accidentally stumbled into earlier asks the townspeople what they plan to do next, calling her passive trash. Moda asks the woman who she and her friend even are. Suddenly, a loud noise is heard and a little man appears, flying to Morley with a jet engine. The little man complains to the giant that he rushed forward when he wanted to demonstrate his weapon. Peachbeard wonders what is going on and who all these people are, when suddenly a flock of crows appear as well. The crows gather on a rooftop, where they join together and form another man who lectures the pirates to never again attack people who can’t defend themselves. One of Peachbeard’s men now recognizes the four of them. Normally they are scattered all over the world, but today they are gathered in one spot: the four captains of the revolutionaries. The giant Morley is in charge of the Western army. The woman with them is named Bello Betty and is in charge of the eastern army. The little man is called Lindbergh and is in command of the southern army. The man with the crows is called Karasu and is in charge of the northern army.

Momoiro: After the Revolutionaries’ headquarters on Baltigo was destroyed by the Blackbeard pirates, Dragon and the rest of the Revolutionaries have decided to come here and move their headquarters here. Ivankov greets his old comrades. Dragon notices that Sabo is missing, whereupon he asks Koala where he is. However, she doesn’t know herself either. Ivankov explains that Sabo came here earlier and shows them that he is currently lying on a lawn reading the latest newspaper about Luffy, which makes him smile. A large table is set up where everyone sits down except for Sabo. Ivankov is also happy about Luffy’s success and his new bounty, but he is annoyed that Sanji kept it from him to be a prince from the Germa Kingdom. Dragon mentions that the Germa will be expelled from the Levely after this incident. Koala, meanwhile, wonders where the other captains of the Revolutionary Army are. Sabo gets a call from Lindbergh shortly after, saying that they’ll be a bit late as they’ve run into trouble. Dragon, meanwhile, wants to go over the plan for the upcoming Levely so they can officially declare war on the World Nobles.

Lulusia: Betty asks the townspeople how they decided what to do – fight or die. She waves a large flag and explains that they can become heroes themselves if they so choose. The wind she creates with the flag hits the townspeople, who then suddenly become brave and arm themselves with some clubs and wooden slats. As they do so, they notice that their muscles have grown as well. Morley explains that Betty has been eating from the motivational fruit, and people she cheers on and get hit by the wind from her flag get much stronger as a result. Betty orders the attack, whereupon the townspeople charge. Lindbergh uses his new weapon to freeze the pirates’ guns. Karasu, in turn, unleashes his crows to steal the pirates’ swords. The townspeople, in turn, now easily manage to finish off the pirates. Even Moda manages to knock out Peachbeard with just one blow. The pirates then flee and sail away with their ship. The revolutionaries then take another look at Peachbeard’s profile and make fun of his bounty. The defeated Peachbeard, left behind by his men, thinks that Blackbeard will take revenge on them for this, but the revolutionaries explain to him that the latter is not interested in the fate of his subordinates. Betty, meanwhile, tells the townsfolk that if they turn Peachbeard over to the world government, they will receive the bounty, which will be theirs alone. However, if problems continue to arise, the townspeople are to contact her, at which point Betty leaves Moda with the contact information for the Revolutionary Army. Betty explains that they never turn their backs on the weak who have risen up. The townspeople thank their heroes, who then head back on their way.

Momoiro: Koala gets a call and tells Sabo that her friends are on their way here now. Meanwhile, Sabo is getting ready so they can overthrow the World Nobles.

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