One Piece Episode 879


Thousand Sunny: Sanji is still bummed about his bounty going up just because of his family’s name. Luffy, however, is down about his own wanted poster. As his bounty had dropped from 500 million berry back down to 150.

New Marineford: Grand Admiral Sakazuki gets a report on how the escort of the 50 Kings has gone so far. Thirteen pirate gangs had tried to attack and kidnap the Kings so far, but each attempt was thwarted. However, a new report said that a pirate gang had just managed to attack the ship of the royal family of Lulusia and Princess Komane had been kidnapped.

Open Sea: Meanwhile, on a ship, King Riku Doldo III and Elizabello II play chess against each other as they sail to the Levely. Rebecca, as well as Leo, Kabu, and Bian, then join them. Rebecca excitedly shows her grandfather the latest newspaper, which reports on Luffy’s actions. Leo is proud to have Luffy as his boss. Riku recommends not mentioning such a thing out loud later, as the World Government and Navy have a different image of Luffy. Leo understands this and Rebecca wants to show Viola the paper next.

Meanwhile, a submarine of pirates has discovered the ships of King Riku and Elizabello and plans to kidnap Viola and Rebecca, as they have already done with Komane. The latter cries and pleads for her life that her father be contacted to pay the ransom. They plan to sink the ships with a torpedo and immediately launch one. However, the torpedo is intercepted underwater by someone and thrown in a different direction. The explosion of the torpedo thus does not hit the ships, which are now on alert. The rescuer of the two ships was none other than Marine Captain Koby, who has since jumped onto King Riku’s ship and is drying his coat. Helmeppo, meanwhile, has destroyed the pirates’ submarine underwater with his blades. He then reports that the pirates have been defeated and the hostage rescued, who is already thinking of cruel punishments for her captors. Back on King Riku’s ship, Kyros also thanks Koby for his help, explaining that he has heard much of the young naval captain, who is even called a hero by some. Koby is embarrassed by the whole thing and disputes that title. He suddenly notices Rebecca’s newspaper with Luffy on the headline. Rebecca offers him the paper, which Koby immediately reads carefully. Koby’s tears come with admiration at how cool Luffy has been once again. He is proud to call Luffy his friend and thinks back to their first meeting.

Flashback occurs, which shows the events of how Luffy first met Koby, inspired him to pursue his dream, and how he saved him from Alvida.

Back in the present, Koby’s ship joins them and he explains to King Riku and Elizabello that they will be escorting the two King ships from here on out. Rebecca in turn asks Koby to stay on the ship so they can talk about Luffy, seeing how happy it made Koby to find out about him. Koby, however, continues to be extremely embarrassed by the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Kaidou has also read the paper and angrily wonders what Luffy was doing in Big Mom’s castle.

Whole Cake Island: Big Mom also read the newspaper and can’t believe it says she lost the fight. Mont d’Or suspects that Morgans wrote the article, whereupon Big Mom vows to teach him another lesson. But she also vows to take revenge on Luffy.

Blackbeard has also read up on the newspaper, but thinks that the title of Emperor of the Seas is too soon for Luffy.

Shanks, on the other hand, after reading the paper, says that he and Luffy will probably meet again soon.

Thousand Sunny: Luffy’s crew tries to cheer the captain up again, while Brook looks at the wanted poster again. As he does so, he is startled to discover that Luffy has made a mistake in the number of zeros and decimal points and that his current bounty is one billion and five hundred million berries, a huge increase.

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