One Piece Episode 878


On a small island, Shanks holds the latest newspaper in his hand and has to smile, some memories coming to him.

A flashback begins, showing once again the story of Luffy and Shanks; how Luffy got his devil powers and Shanks lost his arm to save Luffy.

Present, Dawn, Foosha Village: Makino is standing by the harbor, also having thought about the past. She carries her baby with her and wonders how Luffy is doing right now. The mayor comes running to her at that moment, having already been looking for her. He excitedly explains that Luffy has done something wrong again and that’s why he appeared in the newspaper again, which he shows her right away.

Thousand Sunny: Luffy had just gotten some rest and sleep. However, when he gets up, a small black can with the number three on it falls out of his clothes. Chopper gets all excited when he sees this and explains that this is the can that Sanji’s siblings use for their “transformations” to get their Raid Suits. Luffy and Chopper are about to try this out, but Sanji takes the can from them and wants to throw it away. Sanji assumes that Niji must have smuggled the can into Luffy’s pocket when he carried Sanji and Luffy away. However, Sanji refuses to get stronger, falling back on his family’s science. Sanji finds the mere thought offensive, so he wants to throw the can away. However, Luffy and Chopper implore him to reconsider, as they hope to be able to wear the Raid Suit themselves, perhaps to fire laser beams. Nami joins them and cautions Sanji to be more careful with his choice of words, as she herself also uses science to fight in the form of her Climatic Pole, which she pulls Zeus out of. At this, Sanji still can’t believe that Zeus chose his appetite over his loyalty to Big Mom and is now Nami’s servant because of it. Meanwhile, Luffy and Chopper have tried to transform with the can, however it doesn’t work. Luffy assumes that it is probably set to only work on Sanji, which is why he asks him to give it a try. Sanji takes the can back, but continues to refuse to use it, declaring that no one should say the words “Germa 66” and “Vinsmoke” in his presence anymore. Meanwhile, Carrot has received the latest newspaper and wants to show it to the others since the headline is about Luffy.

Luffy immediately asks if it says what happened to Jinbe, which Carrot denies. The newspaper reports on the assassination attempt on Big Mom, saying it was planned by Luffy, Sanji, Bege and Jinbe, with the main mastermind being Luffy himself. New wanted posters fall out of the paper. One is the latest wanted poster of Sanji, who now has a bounty of 330 million berries and is now wanted as Vinsmoke Sanji. Sanji is overjoyed to have outbid Zoro’s bounty, but is dismayed to see that they are now using his full name, and thus his bounty has probably only gone up because of his connection to Germa 66. However, Luffy is also dismayed and unhappy as his profile has also been changed.

Fishmen’s Island: Many of the inhabitants now wear a straw hat like Luffy. Neptune has also just read the newspaper with his sons and they are glad that Jinbe has now joined Luffy. The royal family is about to leave to attend the reverie. Suddenly, Shirahoshi on Megalo joins them as well. She has decided to accompany her family so that Luffy can’t call her a weakling again later.

Around the world spread the information that the young pirate Big Mom, terrorizing the seas for decades, challenged and survived. Many old acquaintances, friends and rivals read the newspaper with great interest. Through an interview with Cavendish, it also came to light that Luffy already has seven strong pirate gangs under him, commanding more than 5,000 people. Through another interview with Bartolomeo it came to light that he not only has a brotherhood with Ace, but also with the number 2 of the revolutionary army Sabo. Furthermore, the newspaper reported that he had managed to win over the Fire Tank pirate gang and Germa 66 to assassinate Big Mom, and that he had even defeated two of Big Mom’s commanders. Which is why, in the grand scheme of things, it would count as a victory for Luffy. The article then opines that Luffy is the newest and thus fifth Emperor of the Seas.


  • In the newspaper are articles about Jewelry Bonney, Edward Weevil, Dr. Vegapunk, and the children of Punk Hazard, among others. There is also a photo of Du Feld and the Tamatebako below the photo with the toppled Whole Cake Chateau.
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