One Piece Episode 877


Thousand Sunny: Nami has been on the lookout and so far hasn’t spotted any pursuers. Brook, who has taken the helmet, wonders if Jinbe & Co. are okay. Nami can’t tell and thinks they should focus on getting out of Deadland for now. Sanji is also on deck and has just learned that Pedro died to allow them to escape. He remembers their first meeting and blames himself, saying that Pedro only died because he saved him. Carrot tries to cheer Sanji up and starts petting his head while she tells him that it’s not his fault, since Pedro made his own decision. If he hadn’t, they all would have perished. However, Carrot starts crying herself shortly after as she tries to say that they should be grateful to him because of it. Sanji then pats Carrot’s head and explains that he understands what she means. Meanwhile, Chopper is treating Luffy’s wounds. Suddenly, it starts raining cotton candy, signaling to Nami that they are on the border of Big Mom’s realm.

Cacao: Pudding is still sitting alone in the alley, watching a segment of a memory movie, which brings tears to her eyes.

Meanwhile, Jinbe and his former crew are still fighting incessantly against Big Mom’s forces. He’s just single-handedly sunk another ship while shouting to the others to just hang on a little longer. Once the Straw Hats have managed to leave Big Mom’s territory, they can retreat as well.

Cacao Island: Pudding, meanwhile, remembers how Big Mom had told her to manipulate Sanji with her acting talent. Pudding agreed, to which Big Mom commented that she was a pretty doll, which she in turn controlled. Pudding hated that comment, but couldn’t tell her. Then when Sanji agreed to marry her and hugged her, she figured that surely he was just another idiot who would run away as soon as he saw the real her. As a child, she was teased for her looks and also her mother thought that she would look like a monster because of her third eye. To Pudding, it was clear that no one would love her, let alone marry her, because she believed she was a freak. She thought Sanji would also be disgusted once he saw her third eye, yet he was the first to think it was beautiful. Pudding then recalls various moments when she baked as well as delivered the cake with Sanji and he always smiled at her. Pudding bursts into tears, especially when she thinks of her last meeting with Sanji. Another flashback occurs, showing Pudding asking Sanji for one last favor. She took the cigarette from his mouth, kissed him goodbye on the lips, and thanked him. Before Sanji could react, however, Pudding pulled the memory from his mind and ran away.

Battlefield: News quickly spreads via Den-den Mushi that the Straw Hats have made it out of the territory, which is noticed by both Jinbe and Sanji’s siblings, who then order a retreat, while the officers and commanders of the Big Mom pirates are fuming.

Mirror World: Brûlée returns to Mirror World with a first aid kit to tend to her big brother’s wounds. She explains that she never wanted to see him like this. She also takes the hat off his face that was covering his mouth. Katakuri apologizes that the legend about him never lying on his back is a lie. However, Brûlée explains that she already knew this because she had been watching him through her mirrors, which Katakuri is a little embarrassed about. Brûlée understands that Katakuri was only pretending to be perfect and invincible to protect his younger siblings and keep them safe.

Flashback: When he was a kid, Katakuri didn’t cover his face and ate his beloved donuts along with Oven, Daifuku, and Perospero. Perospero, however, felt that Katakuri would surely have more friends or fewer people would make fun of him if he covered his mouth. Katakuri, however, did not care about this. If someone made fun of him, he would just beat them up. Some time later, some people made fun of Katakuri and as he had predicted, he beat them up. A few days after that, however, young Brûlée was found with a serious cut on her face. Katakuri was shocked and wanted to know what had happened. Perospero explained to him that these were the guys he had beaten up last. They wanted revenge, so they went after his sister. Katakuri was filled with remorse and blamed himself for the situation. He grabbed a scarf, covered his mouth from then on, and set out to exact merciless revenge.

Present, Mirror World: Katakuri asks what happened to the straw hat. Brûlée can guess that Katakuri will like it and explains that Luffy made it safely out of the territory. However, she can’t forgive Luffy for putting Katakuri in such a state. Still, Katakuri has to smile when he hears that Luffy is safe.

Battlefield: Sanji’s siblings are back on Judge’s ship, who is commanding the retreat. Jinbe and Aladine are also about to make a run for it when they suddenly notice something on the horizon. It’s Big Mom, joining them on a candy slug. Jinbe sees that it will now probably not be so easy to keep his promise to Luffy to come back alive, but he wants to try to stay alive with his friends at any cost. The Big Mom pirates celebrate their captain’s return as if they’ve already won, while their adversaries prepare for another round. When Big Mom finally appears on the battlefield, she asks her famous question: Life or Death.

Thousand Sunny: Hearing Luffy’s stomach growl, Sanji remembers that they all haven’t eaten in a while, so he asks if he should make some food. Immediately Brook, Luffy, Chopper, and Carrot fall into his arms with tears in their eyes and ask for it. The ship’s cook is completely confused and wonders what happened while he was gone.

East Blue, Baratié: A gang of pirates orders food. Patty and Carne refuse to make anything for the pirates, but Zeff explains that he will make something for them, since they came here hungry after all.

Both Zeff and Sanji prepare the exact same thing and say at the same time that they should eat first, then they can discuss everything else.

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