One Piece Episode 876


Open seas, off Cacao: The flagship of the Big Mom pirate gang has apparently sunk the Thousand Sunny and is now facing a burning shipwreck. Daifuku and Smoothie, however, find this sudden end far too easy. The remaining members of the Big Mom pirates, however, celebrate their victory.

Funwari: Big Mom has devoured the entire cake and is lying on the beach with a big grin, completely satisfied. Perospero has gone ashore and says he has never seen his mother so content. The cake has even restored her body to its normal state. Since she is the captain, Perospero tries to explain the situation to her, including that Bege might still be around here. However, Big Mom does not hear this and is still in her own little world.

Open Sea, off Cacao: Moscato notices that the burning shipwreck is not the Thousand Sunny. The figurehead showing a large fish makes it clear that this was the ship of the Sun Pirates. At some point, the two ships must have switched places. The question then remains, of course, where the Straw Hat Pirates has gone. Underwater, we see Wadatsumi moving further and further away from the action, while Aladine calls out to him to hurry.

Flashback, a few minutes earlier: just before the hail of cannonballs hit the Thousand Sunny, Wadatsumi pulled the ship into the sea and traded it for the Sun Pirates’s ship. Shortly after, he hid the Thousand Sunny in his mouth to keep everyone safe, and has been trying to swim away from the fighting ever since.

Present: Smoothie spots Wadatsumi’s shadow in the water and sounds the alarm to pursue. The Tarte ships then move towards Wadatsumi, and Oven sticks his hands back into the water to heat it up again, thus harming Wadatsumi. The Giant Fishman is directly hit by one of the heat waves and is forced to surface as a result, spitting out the Straw Hats’ ship. As the enemy ships reopen fire, however, Wadatsumi stands between them to protect the ship. Wadatsumi apologizes for the trouble he caused the Straw Hats back on Fish-Man Island, and thanks Jinbe for giving him a second chance. Meanwhile, Oven attacks Wadatsumi from behind. However, the massive fish-man continues to tell the Straw Hats to sail on without looking back, as all the members of the Sun Pirates have come to a decision.

Flashback: Praline explains that her mother won’t let anyone leave the crew alive. Aladine explains that he wants to help Jinbe escape with the Straw Hat Pirates, but he will need escorts to do so. The members of the Sun Pirates know that this means suicide, but they don’t back down and want to help Jinbe.

Present: The remaining members of the Sun Pirates emerge from the sea and stand in the way of Big Mom’s fleet. Jinbe is dumbfounded by this sacrifice his gang is willing to make for him, while Aladine shouts to him that they should finally sail on. A battle between the Sun Pirates and the Big Mom Pirates begins. Aladine personally fights Oven in the process to make sure he stops heating the sea. Smoothie finds this resistance idiotic, as the Sun Pirates are clearly outnumbered.

Thousand Sunny: Jinbe suddenly gives the others tips on how to sail away from here quickly, but explains that they need to fix the sail as soon as possible. Luffy asks what that means. Jinbe then explains that he can’t just leave his old crew to their fate and will stay behind. Luffy then wants to stay to help him as well, but the Straw Hats are in no shape for that right now. Jinbe continues to explain that if the giant flagship of the pirate gang continues to pursue them, they’re in trouble. Therefore, he plans to destroy the helmet and then try to catch up with Luffy & Co. again. Luffy sees that Jinbe has made up his mind, but now explains that Jinbe should not forget who his captain is now and that he should hurry to catch up with them again. They would be waiting for him in Wano Country, but he would not be allowed to die. Jinbe thanks Luffy for his understanding.

Funwari: Big Mom has now completely recovered mentally and has been brought back up to speed. She immediately makes her way to the battle with Perospero. She wants to personally rip Luffy’s soul out and make several homies out of it.

Open Sea: Jinbe helps Aladine, who is recovering from an attack by Oven. Jinbe explains that he stayed behind to help let the Straw Hats escape. All the fish people then begin to create a massive vortex between the fleet of Big Mom pirates and the Straw Hat pirates. This also creates new currents that take the Straw Hats’ ship with them and remove it from the battlefield.

In a small hot air balloon pulled by newspaper gulls, Morgans and Stussy fly out of Totto Land. Morgans listens in on the Big Mom pirates’ radio and cheers on the Straw Hats. Stussy inquires as to why Morgans is rooting for the Straw Hat, to which he says that the Straw Hat is one of the candidates, the Worst Generation. Morgans assumes that one of them will be the next king of the pirates.

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