One Piece Episode 873


Cacao: Sanji’s siblings have shown up and are taking fire from the Charlotte family. Their iron-hard bodies protect them perfectly from the gunfire. Oven asks them how they survived Nusstorte’s army of ten thousand soldiers, as he received a radio message that the Germa had actually been defeated. Ichiji and Niji make fun of Oven, explaining that they were the ones who finished off Nusstorte and his men, threw them into the sea, and then made the radio call in their place.

Whole Cake Island: Mont d’Or overhears via Den-den Mushi and is despairing as he didn’t expect this.

Cacao: Reiju shouts at Sanji to finally leave with Luffy, whereupon he runs off and jumps into the sky. The male members of the Charlotte ten-piece don’t want to let him get away and shoot him with bazookas, but this is prevented by Ichiji, Niji and Yonji. Meanwhile, Judge attacks several ships on the coast, which in turn drives Brownie to despair.

Smoothie is asked by her sisters if they should not rush to Brownie’s aid. Smoothie, however, insists on pursuing the Thousand Sunny and telling the other ships to surround the ship.

Thousand Sunny: Nami and Jinbe are discussing whether they can really trust Germa 66 when suddenly a Den-den Mushi becomes loud. Brook answers the call and is told by Sanji to come to shore now so he can jump on the ship.

Cacao: Brûlée has been freed and shouts that Luffy must not leave the island alive under any circumstances. In tears, she explains that her all perfect, invincible big brother Katakuri has been defeated by Straw Hat Luffy. For a moment, all members of the Charlotte family are in shock. Shortly thereafter, a fiery rage ignites within Oven. He seeks revenge for his brother and other siblings. The latter cannot accept Katakuri’s defeat and believe that the Straw Hat must have used dirty tricks. Oven races towards Sanji to finish him off, but at that moment Ichiji interferes, bringing Oven to his knees for the moment with an attack and telling Sanji to fly off. Memories come up in Sanji of how his brothers tortured him as a child, which is why he has trouble trusting them, but he does as he’s advised. But as soon as he is in the air, Yuen appears again and wants to attack him. However, his mace is destroyed by Yonji, who flings Yuen away shortly after. When Sanji continues to be shot at, this time Niji comes to his rescue. The latter grabs Sanji, as the latter is too slow for Niji, and flies with him as fast as he can through the barrage. Despite everything, the two brothers don’t exchange any kind words about each other and with a smile on his face, Niji thinks it’s time to get rid of the miss and throws Sanji far away so that he flies faster over the rest of the city. This finally gets Sanji to the coast. The enemy troops there are poisoned by Reiju, which is why Sanji has a clear path. Reiju says goodbye to her little brother shortly after, before heading back into the battle zone.

Thousand Sunny: Carrot spies Sanji carrying Luffy under his arm. The ship’s cook finally reaches the ship and is greeted warmly by his comrades.

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