One Piece Episode 872


Cacao: On the coast of the island, Big Mom’s troops spot the Thousand Sunny on the horizon and immediately sound the alarm. Snack immediately orders all Tarte ships to sail, attack and sink the Straw Hats’ ship.

In the town square, on the other hand, the Charlotte siblings wait impatiently for Luffy to emerge from the mirror and even fight over who gets to finish him off.

Mirror World: Meanwhile, Pekoms has explained to Luffy that Minks can transform into a state form called Su Long during a full moon. In doing so, he explains that he himself has always had problems with this transformation. While he can also transform, he completely loses control of himself when he does. The only one who could then calm him down and bring him back to his senses was Pedro. Pekoms decided to go out of the mirror first thing and look into the full moon. He will lose control of himself shortly after and wildly attack everything around him, giving Luffy the opportunity to escape from Cacao. Pekoms explains that no matter what, he won’t let Pedro’s sacrifice be in vain.

Town Square: Brûlée’s cries of protest are heard, but to everyone’s amazement, Pekoms jumps out with Brûlée. Pekoms holds a gun to her head and tells everyone to stop. He takes off his sunglasses and stares directly into the moonlight, at which point his transformation begins. Oven’s jaw drops, however. He lets it get so hot around him that Pekoms can no longer hold his gun. Oven then slaps Pekoms away with all his might, causing him to let go of Brûlée and Luffy to emerge from under Pekoms’ clothes. Nyuichi, Nyuji and Nyugo immediately try to attack him with their sickles, but Luffy jumps into the air to dodge. There, he is immediately attacked by Raisin, but this is prevented by Sanji, who joins him, countering the attack and catching Luffy. Luffy is happy to see Sanji, who in turn asks if Luffy has won. The latter answers in the affirmative, but shortly after falls asleep from exhaustion. Sanji wants to escape through the air, but the male members of the Charlotte ten-piece are also able to jump through the air and give chase. Pekoms wants to help Sanji and Luffy, whereupon he once again looks into the full moon and grows even bigger and stronger. He attacks each of the tenlings in turn, defeating them with only one blow each. However, he has lost control of himself and attacks Sanji as well. Just before he finishes him and Luffy off, however, he is able to regain his composure and tells Sanji that he must escape with Luffy at all costs. Shortly after, Pekoms charges back into the enemy forces. However, Raisin attacks and seriously injures him. Oven then tells his troops to make sure Pekoms never sees the full moon again, whereupon several spears rain down on him. Still, Pekoms tries to fight on until he can’t anymore. When Sanji hears his screams, he stops short and looks back, whereupon Yuen takes advantage of Sanji’s carelessness and knocks him to the ground with a large mace. Oven explains that trying to escape was futile and stupid, as they are clearly outnumbered. However, shortly after, explosions are heard. Part of the fleet of Tarte ships that Snack commands has been attacked and is on fire. The culprit is the entire fleet of Germa 66. Before Oven can react, Ichiji, Niji, Yonji, and Reiju come from above and stand around Sanji and Luffy. Sanji asks why they’re here, to which Ichiji says it’s just a coincidence, as they were just planning to pay the Big Mom pirates back for the assassination at the tea party.

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