One Piece Episode 871


Mirror World: Brûlée has finally managed to free herself from the shackles Luffy had put on her. Without her, Luffy is stuck in the mirror world. She therefore wants to use the next mirror after Cacao to join Oven.

Cacao: It’s half an hour past midnight. One of the Charlotte tenlings, Nyuji, is getting impatient since no one has come out of the mirror yet and asks Oven if Katakuri might have lost. Oven finds this question very insulting and declares that such a thing will never happen, whereupon he slaps the tallest of the tenlings, Nyusan, whom he mistook for his brother. Nutmeg also declares that Katakuri is the perfect big brother and therefore no one should speak disparagingly of him, whereupon she punches one of the brothers, which was Newshi. Newshi and Nyusan then give Nyuji the punch they took for him. Meanwhile, Oven and Raisin suspect that no one has come yet, as the Straw Hats made out that they wouldn’t meet here until 1am, giving them another half hour. Oven even suspects that Luffy will surely run away from the fight with Katakuri by then, and only then jump out of the mirror.

Meanwhile, in an alleyway: cloaked in a cloak, Sanji watches the whole thing and analyzes the situation. As soon as Luffy jumps out of the mirror, Sanji plans to rush to him and then make it to the ship as quickly as possible. As they are about to go their separate ways, Sanji reflects on his encounter with Pudding and all they did together. He tells her that he had a lot of fun with her and thanks her for everything she did for him. Pudding can hardly believe it. Even though she fooled him and tried to kill him, Sanji is still nice to her and even thanks her for spending time with him. Pudding wants most to apologize for her misdeeds, but can’t bring herself to do so and switches back to her evil personality and yells at him to shut up. Pudding is immediately embarrassed by this, so she turns around in embarrassment. Sanji has to laugh, remembering that they were supposed to be enemies. Still, he declares that he is glad to have had her as a fiancée. Pudding’s tears come at these kind words. Sanji misunderstands this and thinks that he must have inadvertently offended her and apologizes. Pudding in turn asks Sanji for one last favor and takes the cigarette out of his mouth.

Mirror World: After their final exchange of blows, Luffy goes down unconscious. Katakuri staggers a bit, but goes down a few minutes later as well.

Whole Cake Island: 0:40 – Morgan’s is all excited, as an escape by the Straw Hat Pirates, despite the preparations of the Big Mom Pirates, would be great news for his newspaper. Mont d’Or wouldn’t be so thrilled with that headline, though, explaining that even Gold Roger couldn’t escape their trap, so Morgan’s next headline will surely be about the death of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Thousand Sunny: 0:45 – Brook notices that Smoothie has stopped attacking her. Jinbe guesses that she stopped, since it was pointless by now. Jinbe can guess that they’re driving into an ambush by now. Nami, however, is more worried about Luffy, wondering if he’s thinking of holding Brûlée to escape the Mirror World again.

Mirror World: Luffy has regained consciousness and jumped out of the crater created by Katakuri’s last attack. He marvels that Katakuri himself fell forward under these circumstances, so as not to be on his back to preserve the legend surrounding him. Luffy has little strength left to stand, so he crawls along the floor in search of a mirror that leads to Cacao. However, Katakuri suddenly stands up and stands in front of him. Luffy then rises as well and gets ready to fight again. Katakuri then asks Luffy if he will come back one day to overthrow Big Mom. Luffy exclaims that of course he will, since he is the future king of the pirates after all. With a faint smile, Katakuri says that Luffy can see pretty far into the future before he falls on his back this time. Luffy pulls out his Mafioso hat from his straw hat and places it over Katakuri’s face to keep his secret. Shortly after, the straw hat captain sets off again in search of an exit. He goes to the spot where he dumped Brûlée, but finds only her untied shackles. Luffy wonders what to do now when the disguised Pekoms shows up, having recaptured Brûlée and come to rescue Luffy. However, to maintain his pride as a Big Mom pirate, he wears a mask and calls himself Mystoms. However, even Luffy sees through this poor disguise, whereupon Pekoms declares that he will not let the sacrifice of Pedro, whom he looked up to like a big brother, be in vain and will therefore help Luffy escape.

Thousand Sunny: 0:50 – The Straw Hats already see the massive fleet at the island. Nami asks Sanji over Den-den Mushi what his status is. Sanji explains that Luffy hasn’t appeared yet, so they should stay away from the coast. He would definitely find a way to return to the ship with Luffy.

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