One Piece Episode 870


Flashback: Luffy proudly shows off his Gear 4 form Boundman to Rayleigh. Luffy demonstrates all that he can do in this form, such as flying, being extremely resilient, yet tough, as well as an incredible increase in strength. Rayleigh explains that this is definitely an interesting form and has many advantages, however he has already noticed a weakness which he immediately demonstrates to Luffy. Rayleigh sprints towards Luffy at breakneck speed and hits him with an attack before the rubber man knows what’s going on. Luffy is not about to let this stand and goes on the counterattack. He uses several different attacks against Rayleigh, but he is just too fast for him and continues to use the Observation Shaki. Rayleigh asks him what he wants to do in a situation like this.

Present, Mirror World: Luffy goes into Gear 4, but he transforms into a new form: the Snakeman. Luffy is still quite lean in this, despite the slight muscle gain, and only his arms and legs are covered in armor haki. Luffy explains that this form is better against fast opponents. He throws a punch that Katakuri thinks he dodged, but it ends up hitting him from a different angle. Luffy has his arm change direction several times once the opponent tries to dodge, which is why Katakuri was hit. Luffy goes on to explain that the speed is increasing as he does so. Katakuri is hit by a few more attacks that throw him way back, but the commander of the Big Mom pirate gang then goes on the counterattack. Using a massive wheel of mochi, he manages to dodge Luffy’s attacks and get close enough to the Straw Hat Captain to deliver a blow with his arm, which has become a, mochi, morning star. Luffy gets hit and sticks to it. Katakuri extends his arm and flings Luffy around for a while until he slams him to the ground with full force.

Coast of Cacao: Sanji and Pudding have made it to the island, where Sanji notices the massive fleet. According to Sanji, the fleet is large enough to sink the island itself. Pudding looks with binoculars for a spot where they can sneak through to land. Spotting an empty spot between two Tarte ships, she asks Rabiyan to fly through there as quickly as possible. Thus, without any major problems, the two manage to infiltrate the island.

Mirror World: Luffy has survived the attack and is facing Katakuri again. They both let loose a barrage of punches at each other. They deflect most of each other’s blows, while others hit them, but both still continue to attack. Luffy then rains down his attacks from above on Katakuri, who has trouble deflecting them. So he gets hit by a few punches, but is able to dodge most of it and advance to Luffy to kick him. Katakuri figures that only one more attack is needed to end the fight. Both opponents then charge at each other and prepare their final blow.

Sabaody Archipelago, Shacky’s Bottakuri Bar: Shakuyaku asks Rayleigh how he thinks Luffy would feel. Rayleigh says he doesn’t know, but is thinking about him and Gold Roger.

Mirror World: Katakuri and Luffy go for the final attack and both punches are a hit. Luffy catches Katakuri’s stomach, while Katakuri hits Luffy in the head. Afterwards, a puff of smoke blocks the view of how the fight turned out.

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