One Piece Episode 869


Mirror World: Luffy and Katakuri continue their fight. Luffy is also now a little better at seeing into the future with his Observation Shaki, but is not yet as good as Katakuri, who can anticipate and counter Katakuri’s attacks while attacking Luffy. Luffy, on the other hand, can’t do this while attacking yet, but needs a moment of silence to see a vague image. Memories of his training come back to him as a result.

Two Years Earlier Rusukaina: Luffy has now managed to dodge 20 clubbing blows from Rayleigh. The goal, however, is for Luffy to dodge 100 blows or he won’t get anything to eat. In the night, Luffy’s stomach can be heard growing in response, and he’s annoyed that he didn’t make it again. A couple of animals he has befriended show up and want to give him some food, but Luffy refuses, wanting to listen to Rayleigh. He instead asks that the animals bring in some friends to help him with his training. Luffy thus trains with the animals to dodge attacks, until an angry giant lion appears and attacks everyone. However, Luffy senses that the lion is in pain, finds a thorn and pulls it out, whereupon the lion calms down. Rayleigh has been watching the whole thing with interest. The next day, Luffy manages to dodge the 100 punches, which impresses Rayleigh greatly. Especially since he had completely erased his presence on the last punch, but Luffy explains that while he didn’t feel Rayleigh’s presence, he felt his smile.

After a small dinner break, Rayleigh explains to Luffy that his haki can probably sense others’ feelings, which can be quite an advantage. But he warns Luffy about people who have developed their Observation Haki to the point where they can see into the future. He asks Luffy what he wants to do about such people. Luffy replies carefree that it would depend on the character of the people.

Present: Luffy’s visions of the future and Katakuri’s attacks become clearer and clearer, allowing him to dodge several attacks in a row. Katakuri then attacks even more brutally, but Luffy knows how to defend himself. Both opponents now seem to fight on the same level and become more and more dogged. After a while, both are out of breath while their surroundings have been badly affected. Katakuri originally wanted to win the fight as the commander of the Big Mom pirates, as revenge for the assassination attempt on Big Mom, but by now he almost doesn’t care. Katakuri wants to win the victory for himself.

Cacao: It’s nighttime by now (23:36); more and more of Oven’s siblings have arrived on the island by now, and more are still on the way. Oven asks if all the mirrors have been removed, except for the one in the square, which is confirmed to him. Charlotte Brownie is just arriving and asks how many they are fighting, as he guesses 10,000 attackers based on the number of ships they have. When he hears it’s less than ten, he explains that he’s taking a nap and should be woken up when things get serious. Former Commander Snack has also arrived. He still resents the “worst generation” since Urouge had cost him his post. That’s why he’s all the more eager to finish off someone from that generation, to show the worst generation people their limits. Next up is Charlotte Joconde, who at first sees it as a shame that so many people are being rounded up for just one opponent. However, she wonders if Luffy might be such a formidable opponent after all. At Oven’s place, on the other hand, the Tenlings, Chiboust, Raisin, Myukuru, and Yuen talk about Luffy and what trouble he’s caused them so far. Oven, however, vows that they will soon put an end to it all.

Mirror World: Luffy is down and Katakuri asks if he finally won. However, Luffy gets back up and explains that they really should finish the fight slowly, so he will now move on to the final attack. Luffy then goes into Gear 4, but the smoke that comes up takes the form of several snakes. As the smoke clears, Luffy presents his new Gear 4 form: Snakeman.

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