One Piece Episode 868


Mirror World: Luffy has taken quite a beating and is having trouble standing up. Flampe, a little further away, makes fun of Luffy for barely being able to stand properly, but still keeps trying. She finds this so funny that she can’t take it anymore and makes fun of him out loud. Meanwhile, Katakuri understands that Flampe interfered in his fight and stunned Luffy’s leg, which enabled Katakuri to hurt him badly. Katakuri makes his way to his little sister, who is now hoping to get the praise from him. However, Katakuri is far from thrilled, as he never wanted such a dishonorable victory. Flampe, on the other hand, doesn’t see how upset her brother is and runs up to him overjoyed as he yells what was so funny about the fight. Shortly after, he takes his spear and jams it into himself in the same spot where Luffy was wounded. Some blood spurts out of Katakuri’s wound onto Flampe, and the wounded man himself spits out some blood as well. Flampe doesn’t understand what that was about, at which point Katakuri rips the scarf off his face, reveals his face, and declares that you shouldn’t look down on a man who is bravely fighting right now. Flampe is startled and runs to her men when she sees Katakuri’s mouth. Katakuri in turn declares that if they laugh at Luffy, they should laugh at him. A world comes crashing down for Flampe, but only for a few seconds. Shortly after, she calls Katakuri lame and walks up to him, annoyed. She explains that she only admires elegant, strong and perfect people and not such an eel-face, whereupon she even spits at him.

These words bring back memories in Katakuri. As a child, he was often teased and called Eel Face because of his mouth. The other kids would make fun of him, shut him out, or run away from him. Katakuri turns his back on Flampe and goes back to Luffy, still seeing fighting spirit in his eyes. Flampe, meanwhile, orders her subordinates to take pictures of Katakuri to show everyone later to prove what a “loser” face Katakuri would have. Katakuri, however, ignores the small pack and continues to walk towards Luffy. Flampe declares that she will show this to all the fan clubs, or even all of Deadland, so no one will look up to him or respect him anymore. As punishment for smearing blood on her. When Katakuri and Luffy face off again, Flampe declares that she is now embarrassed to be related to Katakuri, so she’s about to take him and Luffy out with poisoned needles. Katakuri then says that it’s gotten pretty loud in the cheap seats. Luffy agrees with him, whereupon they both activate their King Shaki and everyone else loses consciousness.

Nostra Castello: The Fire Tank pirate gang has almost reached Liqueur. Prometheus is still in his massive large form, so he can barely keep up with the ship. Bege therefore plans to dump the cake on the island and then leave. However, Chiffon is against it because Liqueur is too dense and once Big Mom eats the cake and calms down, she could still manage to catch up with Nami & Co. Therefore, Chiffon suggests going to Fanwari Island. Bege is against it, as Big Mom is getting hungrier and more frantic, even though she’s gotten very skinny by now. Still, Chiffon insists on going to Fanwari Island, alone if need be. Bege, of course, cannot allow this, admits defeat, and orders a change of course to said island.

Thousand Sunny: Sanji flies away from the ship with Pudding back to Cacao. Suddenly, the ship is almost hit by a shockwave. This came from Smoothie’s sword slash as she attacks the Straw Hat Pirates further back from their ship. She uses her devil powers and sucks the juices out of her own men, absorbing them into herself and thus growing to giant size, making her attacks even more powerful. Nami then pays attention and tells Jinbe which direction to dodge the ship in. Meanwhile, when Smoothie has already squeezed out almost half her crew and has also grown almost too big for her ship, she unleashes a massive attack that the Thousand Sunny barely manages to dodge while the sea was already parting beside them.

Mirror World: Katakuri apologizes for not noticing the interference in their fight sooner. Luffy in turn says that fairness is rare in a fight between pirates, so Katakuri doesn’t need to apologize, it was his own fault for not dodging the pin. They both get ready to fight again and Katakuri declares that he will no longer see Luffy as weak, to which the Straw Hat thanks him. However, Luffy declares that he would win. Both run at each other and exchange blows, which sets up the next round of their fight.

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