One Piece Episode 866


Mirror World: Luffy’s Observation Shaki is slowly getting better. While he can’t see as far into the future as Katakuri yet, he now manages to fend off the first of his attacks. Katakuri notices this, of course, and he immediately tests Luffy to see how far into the future he can see. He makes nine flying donuts appear and intends to create a fist out of them one by one, while attacking with the spear himself. Luffy is able to avoid Katakuri’s first attack with the spear, but is hit by the donut attack. Luffy tries to see into the future again right after and is able to dodge the next donut attack, but is hit by the following one. Katakuri admonishes him to get up again, however, as it is futile. The Big Mom pirate gang knows where Luffy wants to meet up with his crew. Even if Luffy manages to win here, there would be dozens of Katakuri’s siblings waiting for him on Cacao to intercept him in his weakened state. However, Luffy does not care about this.

Nostra Castello: Sanji and the cooks have since finished the wedding cake. The rest of the cooks collapse from exhaustion shortly after each other. Sanji, meanwhile, thanks Chiffon and Pudding for their help. Pudding once again changes her personality and arrogantly and mockingly declares that this means nothing, since it’s not certain if the cake will stop Big Mom and her siblings are still after the straw hats as well. Sanji then declares that it’s probably time for him to be on his way. He wants to go back to Cacao to pick up his captain.

Thousand Sunny: Chopper goes back into his monster form. Brook and Nami also get ready to fight off Big Mom’s next attack, as she is already flying at Prometheus. Big Mom’s attacks are narrowly fended off and Chopper is even injured in his monster form. Nami tells him to back off, but Chopper wants to go all out and plunge Big Mom into the ocean with him if he has to. Big Mom laughs it off and grows Prometheus to the size of a small mountain. Together, they threaten to crash down onto the ship if they don’t finally get the cake they’ve been longing for. Nami is at a loss as to what they can do now when she sees the shadow of a ship on the horizon. Big Mom then starts to smell something – it’s the wedding cake.

Nostra Castello: Bege sees from afar the damage the Thousand Sunny has taken and what a fleet is after the Straw Hats. He is impressed that they have even lasted this long and orders his men to prepare for battle.

On the candy snail, Perospero also sees the wedding cake through binoculars, which is just what they need to calm Big Mom down. But since it’s on Bege’s ship, he thinks Bege must have poisoned it, so he’s torn about whether to allow his mother to eat the cake. Should she not eat it, the land will be destroyed by Big Mom herself. Should the cake be poisoned and Big Mom die, it would be the end of their pirate gang.

Nostra Castello: Bege promises not to attack Big Mom until she finishes the cake. Pudding joins them with Rabiyan and explains that Sanji and her are leaving now. She also says goodbye to Chiffon while she’s at it, knowing that they probably won’t see each other again. Pudding asks her big sister if she’s happy, to which she confirms. She wishes her well and that she doesn’t lose that happiness. Chiffon replies that she found this happiness through her found love and that Pudding should not lose hers either. Pudding looks sadly over at Sanji, but can’t promise this to Chiffon and says goodbye to her sister. She then flies to the Thousand Sunny with Sanji on Rabiyan at top speed for now. Big Mom, meanwhile, flies towards the ship, whereupon the ship makes a U-turn towards Liqueur in order to keep Big Mom as far away as possible.

Thousand Sunny: Sanji greets his friends, who are overjoyed to see him. Jinbe, meanwhile, apologizes for not being able to further isolate the damage to the ship. However, Sanji asks where Pedro and Carrot have gone. Not wanting to throw Sanji off unnecessarily, Brook explains that they are both resting inside the ship.

Perospero, meanwhile, is asked by his siblings whether they should continue to pursue the Straw Hats, or now Bege, or both. Before Perospero can answer, he gets a call from Bege via Den-den Mushi.

Mirror World: Luffy wants to focus on Katakuri’s next attack. Flampe, on the other hand, believes that the battle will soon reach its zenith and wants to support her brother by targeting Luffy.

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