One Piece Episode 865


Wheat Island, Flour Town: Several mirrors across the island suddenly shatter, startling the residents.

Mirror World: As it turns out, the mirrors break because Katakuri’s attacks hit them from the other side when Luffy dodges the attacks or gets hit and slammed into the mirrors. Luffy then attacks Katakuri in turn, who dodges the attacks, which is why mirrors are hit again, which then suddenly shatter in the real world.

Whole Cake Island: Mont d’Or receives non-stop reports of mirrors breaking within the archipelago. Since it’s been twelve hours since the tea party, Mont d’Or can hardly believe the fight is still going on. Stussy and Morgans watch it all from afar. Stussy is amazed at how doggedly the Big Mom pirate gang is trying to stop the Straw Hat, to which Morgans explains that the Empress’ reputation will be severely damaged if the Straw Hats successfully escape. Personally, Morgans hopes this is the case, as it would make a perfect headline for the next newspaper. With a sly smile, Stussy then tells the Big Mom pirates that she knows something interesting, explaining that the Tamatebako was responsible for the explosion that destroyed the Chateau, and Big Mom retorts that she got the casket from the Straw Hats. Mont d’Or is then furious.

Mirror World: Luffy continues to try and score a hit with Gear 2 and Gear 3, but is unsuccessful. From a distance, both opponents are watched by Katakuri’s little sister Charlotte Flampe. She gives the order to shoot at Luffy to help her brother, but Luffy is too fast for her. Flampe is annoyed by this, as she wants to finish him off for Katakuri so she can ingratiate herself with him. She herself is the president of Katakuri’s fan club, so she really wants to be one of his favorites, which is already difficult with about 41 older siblings. She’s also annoyed that she came to the mirror world so late and didn’t see the whole fight. However, her entourage retorts that the fight wasn’t worth watching in its entirety anyway, since Luffy was just plugging away and thus it could hardly be called a fight, whereupon everyone makes fun of him.

Meanwhile, Luffy gets back up after another hard attack, at which point Katakuri asks him how long he plans to keep this up. Luffy then tells him that he will keep getting up until he defeats him. Katakuri then tries to attack him by ambushing him, but his opponent is able to completely avoid the attack. Luffy also seems to anticipate a second attack and is able to dodge. It is not until the third attack that the Straw Hat Pirate is hit again. Katakuri again unleashes an arsenal of attacks on Luffy until he lets out a cry of frustration. But frustration alone is not enough for Katakuri. He wants to keep attacking Luffy before he launches an attack to show how futile his resistance is. Luffy doesn’t listen to him, however, and remembers another conversation with Rayleigh, who explained to him that every attack contains a reason and a clue as to why he should never attack blindly.

Thousand Sunny: Big Mom is intercepted by Prometheus before she falls into the water, giving the Sunny time to get away. The Straw Hats were able to limit the damage to the Thousand Sunny, but there was still some destruction to the ship. Brook returns and has also brought something with him: a shrunken and unconscious Zeus. When he regains consciousness, Nami takes him by the hand and explains to him again with a threatening aura that he only has two choices: To become her servant or to die. Meanwhile, Big Mom has also regained consciousness and now orders Prometheus to take her to the Straw Hats’ ship.

Meanwhile, in the mirror world, Luffy remembers his training for Observation Shaki: Luffy managed to defeat a giant gorilla and elephant while blindfolded. Next, he has to dodge 100 punches from Rayleigh or he won’t get anything to eat. Luffy, however, has trouble finding him blindfolded. Rayleigh explains that humans are more complicated than animals, but Luffy should remember that every attack has a reason and a clue, furthermore Luffy should not attack blindly.

Present: Katakuri attacks again and indeed, to Katakuri’s shock, Luffy manages to dodge the attack. However, the straw hat captain is unable to parry the following attacks. Katakuri tests it again and goes for another attack, which Luffy is able to block with one of his own. Luffy, however, fails to respond to the ensuing swift kick from Katakuri. The latter thus realizes that Luffy hasn’t completely mastered it yet, but is slowly starting to see the future like him.


  • In the Shōnen Jump version of Chapter 891, Charlotte Flampe was incorrectly introduced as the 33rd Daughter, but this was revised by the editors on Twitter and later for the Tankōbon version. However, this mistake still made it into this episode, so Flampe is referred to as the 33rd daughter here as well. However, she is actually the 36th Daughter.
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