One Piece Episode 864


Mirror World: Luffy stands still and tries to predict Katakuri’s next move with his haki. Katakuri, in turn, attacks him with two massive mochi hands that smash together while Luffy stands in their midst. Luffy managed to save himself thanks to his gum-gum balloon, but he takes the ensuing haki-powered attacks. He tries to refocus after that, but Katakuri doesn’t give him any breathing room, blasting him with haki-enhanced mochi bullets, which he shoots out of his hand like pistol bullets. Luffy is able to protect himself by reinforcing the areas being shot at with haki himself. He then tries to calm down and focus again while Katakuri uses mochi to form a haki reinforced machine gun from his arm.

Thousand Sunny: Big Mom is looking for the wedding cake, but can’t find it. Jinbe tries to explain that it is not here. She doesn’t believe him, though, because that would mean her oldest son lied to her, forcing her to kill him, which clearly scares him. Big Mom thinks Jinbe called her son a liar, whereupon she sheathes her sword with Prometheus’ flames and attacks him. Jinbe is able to resist the attack for a while, but ends up being flung into the sea. The Empress then attacks another cabin. Unfortunately, it’s the one Carrot is currently resting in. Nami asks Big Mom to stop, but she continues to attack. As Big Mom then attacks Nami, Chopper throws himself in between with his guard point. Big Mom then grabs Chopper and declares she will add him and Brook to her collection of rare animals. Meanwhile, the Sunny’s sail, due to Big Mom’s burning hair, has caught fire. As events spiral, Brook again doesn’t know what to worry about first and panics. At that moment, Jinbe throws a large amount of water onto the ship from the ocean to put out the fire. Big Mom is also hit, at which point Prometheus, who had bonded with her hair after all, disconnects and flees the ship. Jinbe jumps back onto the ship and demands Big Mom leave the ship. Prometheus reconnects with Big Mom and she declares she won’t leave until she has the wedding cake. However, using one of his strongest techniques, Jinbe manages to knock her off the ship. Zeus catches her before she falls into the water, though. The Straw Hats are glad to be rid of Big Mom, but Jinbe explains that they don’t have time to celebrate, must move on quickly, and can’t allow the ship to be damaged any further.

Big Mom already comes flying in with Zeus again, but this time the Straw Hats have a plan. Nami tries to get Zeus on her side again by offering him several Black Balls again, but he refuses and wants to attack her instead. However, he runs into Brook, who in turn gets ready to fight. Big Mom finds it laughable that Brook is trying to fight her, since he already couldn’t leave a scratch last time. However, Brook goes for a jump attack and before Big Mom can react, he’s already behind her, declaring that he’s just finished his attack, however it wasn’t Big Mom who was targeted, it was Zeus. The latter is suddenly split in half and has trouble putting himself back together. Nami takes advantage of the confusion and lets out more Black Balls, which surround Zeus and force a discharge from him, whereupon Big Mom is hit by them.

Mirror World: Luffy takes a hard hit and Katakuri explains that he has gained his respect for holding out against him as long as he has, but nothing would have changed and his future would look grim. Katakuri recreates nine donuts shortly after, from which several haki-enhanced hands appear, hurtling towards Luffy. However, Luffy declares that he would decide his own future and charges towards the hands.

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