One Piece Episode 862


Mirror World: Katakuri asks if Luffy chose death over the shame of running away from a fight. Luffy denies this, to which Katakuri asks if he realized he had no chance and came back to join them. However, Luffy resolutely declares that he came back to defeat Katakuri and immediately attacks him again. Katakuri dodges all attacks, explaining that this is an option Luffy would not have.

Thousand Sunny: A fleet of ships has moved into the path of the Thousand Sunny, cutting it off. Jinbe asks Carrot whose fleet this is. Carrot looks with binoculars at the main ship of the enemy fleet and sees that Daifuku is written on the sail, which she reports to Jinbe.

Bavarois’ Ship: Bavarois in turn gets report that not only Daifuku has come to support them, but they also get support from Smoothie, who has just joined them with her fleet behind them. Also on the ship are Charlotte Cinnamon and Charlotte Citron. Bavarois is surprised at the large number of supporters, but is glad and thinks they are so invincible.

Meanwhile, Daifuku orders his fleet to prepare the cannons for firing. He asks Perospero via Den-den Mushi if he would mind, which he denies. Perospero would even be happy if the matter was settled quickly and Big Mom on Cacao finally got her cake, as she has grown thinner and thinner from her hunger, her refusal to eat anything other than a wedding cake, and her tantrums.

Thousand Sunny: Unable to avoid the coming cannon fire, Nami plans to confront Daifuku directly on his ship. While he is a strong opponent, they don’t have a better option at the moment. As everyone gets ready to fight, Carrot mentally prepares herself and asks the others to leave Daifuku and his fleet to her afterwards. She promises that everything will be fine since tonight is a full moon night and the moon has already risen. Jinbe suspects what she’s up to and asks if she wants to enter the Su Long state. He immediately asks her if she’s even trained for it, to which she explains that Pedro trained her. Carrot then takes off her hat and looks up at the full moon, whereupon the moonlight triggers a transformation in her. Her hair, ears, tail, and claws grow significantly longer. Her facial expression changes and her eyes turn blood red, while all fur and hair are now bright white. The Straw Hats are stunned by this transformation, and Nami assumes that this is the secret true strength of the Mink tribe that Inuarashi spoke of. With incredible speed, Carrot then jumps from the Thousand Sunny onto Daifuku’s ship.

Daifuku’s Ship: With her quick and wide-area electric attacks, Carrot manages to quickly defeat everyone on the ship except Daifuku with ease. She had even managed to rip off the ship’s steering wheel, whereupon the ship moves out of formation and creates a path for the Straw Hats. Carrot now jumps onto one of the Tarte ships. Daifuku then summons his genie and orders it to attack Carrot. However, the latter is too fast for him and always dodges at the right moment, so that the Genie accidentally attacks and destroys the Tarte ships. Meanwhile Carrot already jumps onto the next big ships, defeats the crew and takes the steering wheel away from them again.

Thousand Sunny: Jinbe explains that this transformation is called Su Long and takes a lot of training to control. The full moon light causes the wild hidden instincts and powers to awaken in a Mink, making it difficult for the user to control themselves in this form and it is not uncommon for Minks who have not controlled this form to attack their friends and anything else. Jinbe goes on to explain that another disadvantage of this form is that if you fight through the whole night in this form, you have little chance of survival as you use up all your strength. When Brook hears this, he can’t stand still anymore and wants to help her before Carrot wears himself out. He jumps off the ship and runs across the water at high speed to rush to her aid and take over some ships as well. Nami now orders to break through the enemy formation. Meanwhile, the enemies behind them have opened fire again, but now with regular cannonballs instead of homies.

Mirror World: Luffy tries to use his Observation Shaki to predict Katakuri’s next attack, but is only knocked into the nearest wall by it. However, to Katakuri’s incomprehension, Luffy gets back up and once again declares that he will defeat Katakuri.

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