One Piece Episode 861


Mirror World: Ten minutes have passed and Katakuri wonders if Luffy has run back to his crew. In that case, his mother would take care of the Straw Hats. But as he looks into the future, he sees another exchange of blows between him and Luffy. At that moment, Luffy slowly comes up behind Katakuri again and calmly apologizes for keeping him waiting. Katakuri wonders why the Straw Hat Captain returned when he had the opportunity to escape. Luffy suddenly charges at him, using his armor haki and lunging to strike.

Cacao, coast: Sanji has catapulted the cart with the cake onto Bege’s ship with a kick. Bege then releases the giant seal pulling the cart and happily greets his wife, who embraces him and Petz. Oven, meanwhile, wants to stop the ship and gets in its way. He tries to stop it with his sheer strength, but it ends up being too strong and he is simply run over. They briefly pass Pound as well, who is happy that Chiffon is safe and happy with her new family. Petz notices his grandfather and starts laughing happily while Chiffon wonders who Pound is and what he wants from her. The ship circles the town at a 90° angle so they can leave the island again without the Tarte ships hot on their heels again. When they manage to leave the island, they think they are safe, but Sanji notices how unusually hot it has suddenly become. Vito then sees and warns Bege that the water around them has suddenly begun to boil. Several fish can’t take the heat and are boiled alive, coming up one by one. Bege can guess who they have to thank for this and sees on the shore of Cacao Oven, who is heating the sea with his hands. Not only is the temperature getting to them, but the high temperatures could melt the cake, ruining it. Meanwhile, some of the ship’s engines are running hot and exploding. Petz, of course, starts screaming at the noise. However, he suddenly laughs as he catches sight of someone in the distance. It is Pound, who attacks Oven with a club to make him stop boiling the sea. The mace shatters on Oven’s body, which didn’t even take a scratch from it. Still, Oven desists from his plan to focus his boiling rage on Pound. Pound is scared at first, but then sees on the horizon that his grandson is fine because of what he did, so he smiles. He hopes his parents can always be there for him and that it won’t go the way it did for him and his daughters.

Flashback 26 years ago: Pound is waiting for his daughters to be born when he finally hears the crying of babies. He runs to his wife, who is already showing him his daughters Lola and Chiffon in the throne room. Pound would like to hold them, but he is thrown out of the throne room saying that he has served his purpose. Pound doesn’t understand this as they would be family after all, but Big Mom tells him not to get so carried away and tells him to get out of here. She closed the gates behind her and took both kids with her while Pound kept banging on the door that he wants to hold her at least once.

Present: In his mind, Pound apologizes to his daughter for not being able to be with her when she needed him. But he is glad to have seen her at least once more. He is still calling out his belated congratulations to her on her wedding when Oven attacks him from behind with a naginata.

Open Seas: The Thousand Sunny has since been caught up by Big Mom, who has already lost a few pounds and is still riding the live rock candy snail, and dozens of Tarte ships. The ships fire homie cannonballs at the Straw Hats’ ship. However, the bullets are unaware of the Straw Hats and no one on the ship is wearing a straw hat, so Nami explains that the Straw Hats would have moved in a different direction and points them in the right direction. The cannonballs turn away and thus fly in the wrong direction. Charlotte Bavarois wonders what is wrong with the homies, to which his crew explains to him that if Big Mom is no longer in control, the cannonballs or all the homies will be unable to focus either. Further, Bavarois is frustrated because they are going full speed, just like Big Mom, yet can’t seem to get any closer to the Straw Hats’ ship. His crew guesses that it must be because of Jinbe, who knows all the currents here by heart. Suddenly, they receive a call on a Den-den Mushi they’ve been waiting for.

Thousand Sunny: Carrot spots something on the horizon and warns her comrades that they are heading straight for another wave of enemy ships. The enemy has thus already circled them.

Mirror World: Katakuri fends off Luffy’s attacks and throws him against the nearest wall. He explains to the Straw Hat Captain that no one would have blamed him if he had run away, since he is his opponent after all. Therefore, Katakuri asks Luffy why he returned.

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