One Piece Episode 859


Nuts: Perospero tries to persuade his mother not to destroy the island any further. Suddenly, he notices Brûlée and Luffy, who just landed on the island via mirror. He calls out to his mother where Luffy is so that she will only direct her destructive rage at him. As Big Mom then hurls the roof of a house in Luffy’s direction, he quickly grabs Brûlée and runs away with her. Brûlée calls for help, whereupon Perospero creates a candy-sugar wall in front of Luffy. Luffy wants to destroy it, but he can’t do so without his haki for the time being. Perospero then wants to extend the wall and trap Luffy inside. However, Amande jumps in first to attack Luffy with her sword inside, who narrowly avoids with Brûlée. Luffy grabs Brûlée again and jumps over the wall with her in response. Perospero turns the wall into a wave, which chases the straw hat, whereupon Big Mom jumps onto the wave and lets it carry her. Luffy, in turn, desperately searches for a mirror in which they can escape.

Cacao: Sanji takes a pair of glasses and hides the rest of his face behind a cloth so no one will recognize him while all the cooks take the cake outside. Everything seems to be going along without a hitch at first, until Oven gets in their way and asks Pudding where she’s going with the cake. She explains that she wants to give the cake to her mother on the high seas so that no other islands will be harmed. Oven is thus persuaded to let Pudding move on, however he then grabs Chiffon and flings her to the ground. He declares that he cannot let Chiffon move on. Because of Bege’s betrayal, Chiffon is also considered a traitor to the family. The cart with the cake moves on, but Pudding wants to rush to her sister’s aid. Sanji is able to stop her, however, or she will also be labeled a traitor. Sanji also wants to help Chiffon, but can’t risk blowing his cover.

Nuts: Big Mom’s wild, uncoordinated attacks leave much of the city in ruins, and Luffy managed to escape in the confusion. Brûlée had also briefly managed to escape from Luffy, but he quickly finds her again. He then puts her in a sack and ties her to his back so she won’t run away again. Just as he found a mirror in a house where he could escape, the mirror shatters as someone shot at him. It was Charlotte Effilée. However, her pistol attacks have no effect on Luffy. Still, the latter doesn’t want to waste time fighting her and prefers to look for another mirror. He jumps onto the rooftops to escape, but encounters Big Mom’s next daughter, Charlotte Mondée. Luffy is able to fight her off, however, using Brûlée as a shield, after which Mondée has to keep stopping her sword attacks. Luffy jumps down to the street, but is discovered there by Big Mom, who uses her sword shockwave attack again.

Cacao: Chiffon asks her brother to let her join the other cooks so she can continue to help finish the cake so she can pay her debt to Nami & Co. But Oven wants to make an example of Chiffon, to let everyone know what happens to traitors. He grabs her by the collar and intends to put an end to her with his heated fist. Suddenly, however, Pound shows up. The latter can’t stand by any longer while his daughter is being abused by Oven and wants to attack him. Sanji seizes the moment and within seconds he attacks Oven, causing him to be catapulted away while Sanji returns with Chiffon to the cart where she is hidden. The whole thing happened so fast that it looked like Pound knocked Oven away, which Oven himself doubts, yet he attacks Pound for interfering. Oven jumps on the cart and finds Chiffon, just as he is about to kill her he hears his Den-den Mushi ring. Subordinates on his ship explain to him that Bege was on his way to Cacao and that the Fire Tank pirate gang’s ship was already visible from the coast. Oven didn’t think the former mob boss would have the heart to save his wife instead of running for safety.

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