One Piece Episode 858


Mirror World: Now that Katakuri has calmed down, he can use his Haki again, whereupon Luffy can no longer hit him. Luffy nevertheless tries to use his entire arsenal of Gear 4 techniques against him, but to no avail.

Nuts: Amande reaches the island with her ship to warn the people that Big Mom, driven by her feeding frenzy, will soon come to the island. She therefore orders the soldiers to evacuate all the inhabitants. No sooner said than she hears Big Mom’s voice coming closer and closer until she jumps the last few feet towards the island. Perospero desperately tries to talk to his mother and explain to her that there would be no wedding cake on the island and that they are wrong there, but his mother does not listen to him and randomly attacks buildings.

Whole Cake Island, Sweet City: Meanwhile, Mont d’Or receives a call from Custard. She unfortunately has to confess that she has lost Bege and that the sea slugs no longer transmit any information to her. Mont d’Or suspects that it’s not just him and doesn’t understand what’s going on.

Schiff von Bege: Bege wonders how easily they were able to shake off their pursuers and also wonders what’s up with the tele and sea slugs. But he wants to seize the moment and pick up his wife by the quickest route. Meanwhile, under the ship on the seabed, several sea slugs are lured away by Praline. Praline controls the snails with her singing and orders them to take a day off from their duties.

Sweet City: Meanwhile, Mont d’Or has heard that Nuts is being attacked by Big Mom. Furthermore, he was just told the reason why none of the snails are transmitting information to them anymore. All 10,000 snails in the sea have disappeared.

Mirror World: Katakuri sees that Luffy is starting to shrink, at which point Luffy realizes that he won’t be able to maintain his Gear 4 for much longer and will have to retreat. After gaining some distance from Katakuri, he transforms back. Katakuri doesn’t want to miss the chance to attack Luffy, who now has to wait ten minutes before he can use his Haki again. Luffy himself suspects that without Haki he has no chance against Katakuri. But luckily he finds Brûlée, who wanted to watch the fight from a distance. He grabs her and escapes with her through the nearest mirror.

They arrive at a house. Luffy is wondering where they are when the roof of the house is ripped off by Big Mom, who is trying to eat it. Luffy and Brûlée realize they are on Nuts, which is being attacked by Big Mom.

Thousand Sunny: Nami changed her clothes. No enemy ship is visible at the moment, but Jinbe doubts it will stay that way.

Mont d’Or, meanwhile, is on the main Big Mom pirate ship, using a Den-den Mushi to alert all the Tarte ships to leave their current position to find the Straw Hats, the Fire Tank Pirates, and the Sun Pirates.

Cacao, Factory: Sanji has finished his custard, which is so good that one of the cooks who tasted it fainted with happiness. Chiffon and Pudding have finished their part as well. Sanji declares that they will now load the cake onto the ship and finish it there while they meet up with the Sunny.


  • The song Praline sings to distract the sea slugs is called Rule of a Holiday.
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